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Best Practices That Have Stood the Test of Time

Health care has changed dramatically over the years, but after serving thousands of people our commitment to best practices is unchanged. We’ve embraced new technologies, pioneered a higher level of care, but through it all remained faithful to our founding values. Our team is guided by them every day. Our goal has always been to deliver people focused, client-first natural health care. Pinnacle’s multi-disciplinary practitioners abide by a strict Code of Conduct that is governed by our values. First and foremost, compassionate care for the individual’s health and wellness.

Led by an internationally renowned third generation natural health practitioner, Pinnacle combines bold new ideas anchored by traditional practice. For all our considerable growth since 1984, adding new clinics throughout Australia and the entire South Pacific region, most important is what hasn’t changed. Our goals and highest priorities, have and always will be, caring for people. People first, last and always. Pinnacle Health is always more about you, and less about us.

We welcome your visit to one of our three locations in Sydney and Melbourne. Or, if you are in Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, or New Zealand, please contact our Outreach Care Team for the highest level of natural health care, with personal service and individual attention.

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Pinnacle Health  Clinic
Name: Pinnacle Health Clinic
Location: Australia
Job Title: Pinnacle Health Clinic
Company: Pinnacle Health Clinic

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Pinnacle Health Clinic
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