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Rohit Agarwal
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Rohit Agarwal is currently living in New Delhi, India, and is interested in Other.
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New Delhi, India

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Mr. Rohit Agarwal is a practicing lawyer having extensive and practical know how of corporate oriented company laws, banking laws, family laws and criminal liabilities. He has accredited to himself execution of various successful litigations and has undertaken various legal and quasi legal services in his practice of 10 years, fulfilling the requirements of various clients. He has a good face as a practicing advocate in various High Courts across India and District Courts in NCR region. His aptitude and commitment to consequential litigation, and the thirst of knowledge and getting the most updated know how of legal scenario is his strength as well as support to the clients.

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Rohit Agarwal
Name: Rohit Agarwal
Location: New Delhi,India

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Rohit Agarwal
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