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Screw In Pegs is currently living in Adelaide, Australia, working as a Screw In Pegs in "Screw In Pegs" and is interested in Other.
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Screw In Pegs


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Adelaide, Australia

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Screw in Pegs is a company based in Adelaide, South Australia. After testing many designs, it was found that the wire head which stays near the head of the peg, was the best design. Due to the demand from many satisfied users, a machine was created to make the pegs. The satisfaction of a great peg is now offered to all Australians who use an annexe or tent.

Please do contact us at -

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Screw In Pegs
Name: Screw In Pegs
Location: Adelaide,Australia
Job Title: Screw In Pegs
Company: Screw In Pegs

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Screw In Pegs
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