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Giovanni Battista Merello is currently living in Germany, working as a Giovanni Battista Merello in "Giovanni Merello - Giovanni Battista Merello" and is interested in Marketing.
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Giovanni Battista Merello - An entire life devoted to serve international upscale clients worldwide with greatest success. Giovanni started his career in the Guests services dept. and through the customer service and Sales & Marketing depts. he has reached the executive management level. He has been working for both private luxury award winning properties such as Forte Village Resort, SHA Wellness Clinic and international luxury groups at Starwood Sheraton and St. Regis, Royal Karma Group or Grand Heritage Hotels International with which he spent the last four years managing their franchised project and services for some properties in Italy and Egypt.

With 8 new openings and project management in Italy, Spain, Egypt and China, Giovanni has widened his knowledge and capabilities in creating business from scratch, identifying and selecting the right profiles and moulding the right people into the right job. He has always determined and achieved the correct product positioning, vision and philosophy to establish profitably in the market and allow ROI to ownership/investors.

His unique proactive “front line” management style at all operational and executive levels, he has been granting him success and rewards by meeting top people of great business acumen which have allowed him to develop branding and market awareness for the company growth.

A fairly interesting and extremely challenging experience was the one of Giovanni in the fashion industry as Director for Christian Dior Couture in Spain. Exclusivity at its utmost, niche marketing, PR and Events and excellence in Top VIP customers services are the fond principles and supports to the brand success and the extraordinary sales performance.

The Art of making feel everyone Special and Unique whether is a Team Member or a privileged Guest is, and it has always been, Giovanni credo and his best tool to success.

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Giovanni Battista merello
Name: Giovanni Battista Merello
Location: Germany
Job Title: Giovanni Battista Merello
Company: Giovanni Merello - Giovanni Battista Merello

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Giovanni Battista merello
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