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Yo Amo Barquisimeto . is currently living in Caracas, Venezuela, working as a Yo amo Barquisimeto in "Yo amo Barquisimeto" and is interested in Other.
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Yo amo Barquisimeto


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Caracas, Venezuela

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Food, Travel, Barquisimeto, Lara, tourist

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Yo amo Barquisimeto . has joined on Feb 07, 2017


YoAmoBarquisimeto is a cultural project created to outstand and make known the wonders of The Twilight City of Venezuela. Its main purpose is to display the greatness of a marvellous city, which is not an easy task to fulfill, considering the greatness and potential it holds but when desire and determination get together, the outcome couldn’t be but a demonstration of the love and the believe some feel towards this breathtaking metropolis known by many as “The Musical Capital of a country with the name of a woman”. YoAmoBarquisimeto strives to reach the lives of those passionate for a country’s culture and its uniqueness, setting the bridge towards the awesomeness that awaits to be discovered. We invite you to dive with us into the wonders of Barquisimeto, where experiences, art and a whole lifestyle await you to fall in love with this city as we irrevocably have.

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Yo amo Barquisimeto .
Name: Yo Amo Barquisimeto .
Location: Caracas,Venezuela
Job Title: Yo amo Barquisimeto
Company: Yo amo Barquisimeto

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Yo amo Barquisimeto .
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