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Debora Sousa is currently living in Alberta, working as an Independent Distributor in "Herbalife International" and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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Independent Distributor




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Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Work from Home


I was born in Sao Jose dos Campos, a city close to Sao Paulo, Brazil.....
I have one older brother and one younger sister, they along with my Mother are now living in the USA.
I was raised always watching my Dad working his business, he had a car dealership for many years, than he switched to the restaurant business. After that I saw try and fail at many other businesses. From those experiences Ive learned a lot and maybe that inspired me to not exactly look for a degree but to look for a way to make money and be happy with what you are doing.
My mom is a very good example of someone that is not afraid to work hard. She would always find creative ways to over come situations. By watching her Ive learned not to complain and be the victim over situations but instead to go and work hard on over coming it.
In Brazil, you normally grow up hearing people say you need to go to school and look for a good job, so you will have a good salary but the reality is - there are not too many good jobs out there - and the same goes anywhere.
So anyway, I first did like everyone else, went out to look for the dream job and what I found was not so exciting! By the time I found Herbalife, I was working as a kind of manager on a wine importer company. I started there as secretary and got promoted, in the end what it meant was working more for the same money, as he promised me to pay commission over the profits but just later on I found out there were no So I was working a lot of hours, on a very stressful environment, not really making enough money and not being allowed to even complain about. In a country like Brazil, with so many people unemployed, when you have a job its almost a sin to complain about it. You normally hear Be thankful that you, at least, have a job.
The question is How did I find Herbalife? I was looking for a way to make some extra cash so I could pay for University, at the time I was planning to study Psychology (and I actually did for less than a year). So one day, a friend of mine gave me an invitation to go watch a seminar with a Israeli business man. I had nothing to do on that day, I didn\'t try to guess what it was, I just went there to check it out.
At first, the meeting was very scary to me. I wasnt really what you would call an out going person I was actually very shy. But the fact that I saw so many different people, from so many different back grounds, doing a kind of money that I was not making working so many hours a day, made me think if they can do it, maybe I can do it too.
From that day on, what happened to me next was things that not even on my craziest dreams I could imagine. From training to training, from experience to experience, from challenges to challenges, Ive become a much better person that I ever thought I could be. That was actually one of the number one reasons I got in Herbalife, because they said they would train me, they would have personal development training and as long as I was willing to learn they would give me the tools to help make it happen.
I had an amazing result with the products, I lost 42 pounds in 4 months 9 years ago. I could not stop using the products as they make me feel so much better every single day. Im not afraid of aging, actually I look forward to aging as for me it seems that every year I am better than the year before :-)

I moved to Canada about 5 years ago and it really excites me to see the huge amount of opportunity that there is here.
My vision with Herbalife is to build the life style that I always dreamed about, that will allow me to be with my kids, to travel around the world building my business, getting to know different people, learning new experiences and helping people to change their life.
Mark Hughes use to say what if it takes ten years for you to achieve your goals?
Resolve says, \"I will.\" The man says, \"I will climb this mountain. They told me it is too high, too far, too steep, too rocky and too difficult. But it\'s my mountain. I will climb it. You will soon see me waving from the top or dead on the side from trying.\" (Jim Rohn)

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Debora Sousa
Name: Debora Sousa
Location: Alberta,Canada
Job Title: Independent Distributor
Company: Herbalife International

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