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Tm Lawson is currently living in Nutley, New Jersey, works in "ZCity Online Shop" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Nutley, New Jersey

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“I was born and raised in New York City. By the time I reached 24, I realized that I could not continue living in the concrete city as it, personally, felt crowded and restrictive to my growth and well-being. I felt a strong urge to live in a more open and green environment. Being that I was still pretty young, I decided to move me and my eight year old daughter to Central New Jersey as this is where I had family, New Brunswick to be exact. Twenty-three years later, I still maintain residence in New Jersey planning to move to posh surroundings and a warmer climate in the future.”

Innovative and progressive, Tanya Lawson has spent over two decades touching the lives of countless individuals. She is known as a wonderful life coach and advisor, guiding many to a better position in life. In addition, she is committed to and knows that healing is required on all levels: spirit, mind, and body. As an entrepreneur, Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Sound Therapist, Tanya has spent that last five years using her education, training, intuition, and natural sense of healing to help those in need of physical, emotional, mental assistance.

How does one become whole? Tanya answers this question by bridging her business, entrepreneurial, and holistic experiences into the perfect blend of how to live well on all levels of being.

She says, “For me, giving and sharing comes easy. Communicating and serving is easy. I have learned many things over the past 20+ years working administratively with top business men and women. I have taken many personal, wholistic, and spiritual development classes and trainings. I have given countless people spiritual and life coaching advice. However, massage therapy has afforded me one of the greatest opportunities that most professionals do not get to experience in connecting with people that is deeply personal and intimate. My clients trust me and they allow me to see them in a way that is hidden from the rest of the world and that’s special. Most people find some fault with their physical appearance and I’m trusted not to judge. I’m trusted not to cause harm. I’m totally responsible for that individual at that moment. It is a humbling experience. However, the physicality of doing massage at my age forced me to seek out other opportunities for securing my financial future.”

A new road ahead, Tanya is now the proud owner of a new and revolutionary franchise business called Zhunrize. Zhunrize and their franchise store Zhuncity is the best online savings store where you can find the greatest brands at prices you can afford. Value and service are at the core of this company’s concept and this made it a perfect fit for Tanya. This new venture has allowed Tanya and her team, the Gold Diamond Prosper Club, the opportunity to save time, save money, work from home, gain financial independence, and create wealth for long-term security. Now, she can use her invaluable skills and experience to help you to build the future of your dreams. Contact her and she can show you how!

Contact Info: Tanya Lawson
Phone: 973-922-0992

Social Media: Facebook:

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TM Lawson
Name: TM Lawson
Location: Nutley,New Jersey,United States
Company: ZCity Online Shop

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