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Michelle Brice is currently living in Killeen, Texas, working as a Sales and Leasing Consultant in "Bates Nissan" and is interested in Automotive.
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Sales and Leasing Consultant


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Killeen, Texas

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I am Michelle Brice. I am a mom of a talented 11 year old daughter and several fur babies. My daughter and pets are a huge part of my life and my driving force to remain humble while striving to be the best at what I do. I love meeting new people and always go above and beyond my calling to provide outstanding customer service. I am a very spiritual being. I believe that I am supposed to learn from each new person I encounter, as much as I am to be a positive beacon of light in their lives. I possess strong family values and morals. I come from a rather large close-knit family whose roots are robust and run deep. My family, whether they be biological or not, area sturdy foundation of loving support from whom I have learned so much from. My younger sisters are a great source of inspiration to me. I admire their strength and bravery to face every obstacle in life head on. I can only aspire to that fearless, as I pursue my dreams and go forth in my endeavors.

Though I have only been with Bates Nissan a short time, I have studied and worked in the Automobile industry for 2 years. I proudly represent, demonstrate, and sell the award winning Nissan brand of vehicles at Bates Nissan of Killeen. I, proudly, stand behind the Nissan brand because of the attention to detail and quality Nissan expects in their vehicles as well as is delivered by the engineers. Nissan's design and production department are not the only departments that pay astute attention to detail and quality. Each member of the Nissan team is held to Nissan's high standards of providing our customers with exemplary service. Every staff member, at Bates Nissan, are dedicated to continuously studying each model in the Nissan lineup. We strive to provide outstanding customer service by perpetually strengthening our own knowledge so we can provide the well informed answer to any customers' questions.

My personal goal is to ensure that my customers take their car home without any lingering questions in their minds. I want my customer to know they are taking home a car that they are 100% comfortable in, as they will be spending quite a bit of time in it. I feel they should be absolutely confident they know positively everything there is to know about the vehicle, as if they have owned it for years, because they will be much happier and will be more proud of the vehicle in the end. Each time I see one of my customers smiling their biggest smile, while driving away in their brand new Nissan, my heart swells with pride. I am not only proud that I assisted them in finding the perfect vehicle to meet their needs, but I am also very proud that I assisted them in finding a safe and reliable car they truly love. I am humbled by that as well. The gift of moments of their valuable time, as well as their life, was bestowed upon me and that is something I cherish with everything in my being. To be given the opportunity to earn my customers' business and to be allowed to take part in their new found happiness, is an amazing feeling of great honor. I feel that I am, truly, doing my job at Bates Nissan and here on Earth each time I am part of the reason my customers excitedly drive off in their new car; with their extreme happiness broadcasting to the world through their wide spread smiles.

Many of my customers have become friends, because I extend my customer service to all my customers throughout the lifetime of their vehicle ownership. I am readily available to assist in anyway that I can, when possible. The level of customer service I seek to render, is the equal to if not a little higher than the level I would be delighted to receive from others. Due to the high standard I hold myself to; I go that extra mile to ensure that I perform the duties expect of me from Bates Nissan, Nissan, my customers, and especially from myself to the utmost of my ability. I am invariably examining myself and my performance, in order to better hone my customer service skills. I feel you should never cease learning about yourself nor should you ever stop improving yourself.

I am certain that, if given the opportunity, I will afford the same absolutely exceptional service to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am eager to get started working towards earning your business.

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Michelle Brice
Name: Michelle Brice
Location: Killeen,Texas,United States
Job Title: Sales and Leasing Consultant
Company: Bates Nissan

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