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Udom Budda is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, working as a Get Plan B to Retire! in "" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Get Plan B to Retire!


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Home Based Biz

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Helping People to make their DREAMS come true using Big Idea Mastermind Marketing System.

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Udom Budda has joined on Apr 16, 2014

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I was born in poor farmer family in rural area at North East of Thailand. As a young boy, I had a dream to be entrepreneur because I saw my Mom and my Dad worked very hard on their farm, but never got out of debt from Merchants who sip tea and play with their Abacus all day in the shop.

I was studying very hard to be the top of the class which I could have scholarship to attend higher education. So I did. I got scholarship to attend high school, College (B.S. Civil Engineer), and came to America as Graduated Student at University of Pittsburgh and graduated M.S. Structural Engineer.

I went back to Thailand to practice my Engineer Career for ten years. I managed my own designed and construction company for five years and got hit by Domino effect from Asia Economic Crisis in 1997.

I came back to America to attend Community College to be Registered Nurse (RN) in 2001. I work hard as nurse until now, but I never stop searching to be entrepreneur. I attended Trading School and trade stock markets but I got hit again on 2008. I lost $20,000 over night from many banks which I owned stocks file bankruptcy. Every time, I got hit. I ask myself again and again “What do you do when your dream dies?” Sit down and cry, Give up and let it die, or Give one more try.

On June 28,2013 I became an American Citizen. The pledge of allegiance recalls my dream again. I am searching all business opportunities. Finally, I found Big Idea Mastermind. What a gift to have found. I just knew this opportunity was what I had been searching for. I haven't looked back since because this has given me the tools and education that I needed to market anything. The best part of all is the caring and just gratitude that is within this organization. It has allowed us to continue our lifelong purpose to help others and work with those who want to pay their success forward.

Turning Point in my Life:

Finding Big Idea Mastermind can be the turning point in your life as it was for me. I realize now that people can make their financial dreams come true (without having a college degree). I feel lucky to have had some of the greatest mentors in the business teaching not only marketing strategies but also how to get your mind set in a place that you can accept success. .

Network Marketing is about creating relationships and relating with each others dreams. There are different methods and personalities in any business. You do have to resonate with each other to work together successfully. I can help you brand yourself so people will chase you to join your network. If you are interested in potentially working with me on your goals, contact me at this email address: or website:

I am looking forward to hearing from you and about your dreams and providing you value as a mentor.

Looking forward to helping you make your dream come true,

Udom Budda

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Udom Budda
Name: Udom Budda
Location: Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,United States
Job Title: Get Plan B to Retire!

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