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Bob Lee is currently living in Plano, Texas, working as a Garage Door Repair in "City To City Garage Door Repair " and is interested in Business for Sale.
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Garage Door Repair


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Plano, Texas

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• Spring Repair • Cable Replacement • Off Track Garage Door • Garage Door Opener Repair • Hinge Replacement • Damaged Panels • Garage Door Wheel Replacement • Emergency garage Door Repair

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Bob Lee has joined on Mar 31, 2014


City To City Garage Door Repair

Welcome to City To City Garage Door Repair we have been Servicing the Plano Tx area for several years and have helped many people with the safety of there home by fixing there garage doors. We understand that a garage door repair is something very serious and that is why we are available to help at any time.

Garage door repair is serious business. Did you know an estimated 13,000 people are injured every year in the U.S. because of avoidable garage door incidents? (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).

A garage door is part of a complete garage door system (whether electric or manual) and that’s an investment in your family, your future, and your protection. At City To City Garage Door Repair, we believe that safety is a priority. Our garage doors systems are well known for their high quality and safety, regardless of what type of repair you need
we specialize in:

• Spring Repair
• Cable Replacement
• Off Track Garage Door
• Garage Door Opener Repair
• Hinge Replacement
• Damaged Panels
• Garage Door Wheel Replacement
• Emergency garage Door Repair

And other special features. City To City Garage Door Repair offers round the clock customer support, that’s 24-7 live customer service or voice mail followed by an live call back, and we answer phones Monday-Sunday. 972-695-4060
we are located at 6860 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas, 75024 by appointments only.

At City To City Garage Door Repair we have a staff comprised of experienced, insured, licensed and bonded garage door repair technicians who are trained on how to install quality systems that do not break down or put anyone at risk. Our technicians are not only available to come offer emergency services, but they are also accessible by phone into the “wee hours of the night.”

Whether you are a native to the Plano Tx location or are visiting and interested in helping out a friend or relative in the city, City to City Garage Door Repair is your last stop—your turnkey solution to all garage door problems.City To City Garage Door Repair repairs and installs, implement new technologies, and can install special safety features or innovative solutions like sectionals, rollers, and all systems in between. We service the greater DFW Metroplex area and have no problem going out of our way to make sure your garage systems are built, maintained and customized to perfection.

At City To City Garage Door Repair we ensure your satisfaction and go above and beyond the standards of excellent in the field. Give us a call for a free phone consultation and let us know what your future plans might be.

You can reach us at 972-695-4060 anytime.
6860 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas, 75024
Pertinent Facts About Garage Door Repair 9726954060

With so much technology around us it’s sometimes hard to believe that garage door systems and garage door repair are a relatively new invention. They were first introduced to the U.S. market near the start of the 20th century, no doubt coinciding with the invention of the automobile. In 1902, advertisers started touting these devices as “float over doors”.

Ironically, the concept of the protected vehicle is a concept almost as old as modern civilization. There is evidence of a “garage for chariots” or gatehouses dating back to 450 B.C. Mankind has always found his garage door to be practical, convenient and a protection—and yes, when we invented the electric garage door opener that was certainly a proud moment in couch potato history. Now all we had to do to park and protect our vehicle was the push of a button.

Times have changed a lot in terms of technology, but the principles of garage door repair and maintenance remain the same. Any machine must be maintained over time or else parts of the mechanism will break, destabilizing or in some cases ceasing operation entirely. There are two primary types of garage door systems: electronic and manual.

However, when it comes to construction standards there are one piece-panels, and sectional panels that are hinged together and support a system of tracks and rollers. The spring is usually the part of the system that requires garage door repair, either with a torsion spring system or more than one extension springs. Once the spring has broken the system is either unstable or kaput—and in fact, it can be dangerous to handle at all. The springs are the part of the system that support the weight of the door which is quite hefty, up to 300 pounds.

The problem is all springs eventually break because of the consistent pressure. This is why an important part of repair is actually in garage door maintenance. You may have to buy new springs, reinstall the system, or implement a brand new system. Yes, it can be a confusing and sometimes precarious process, which is why we recommend letting a licensed and insured repairperson is the best course of action.

Don’t risk doing it yourself if you’re entirely sure what you’re doing! Visit us or contact us to ask any questions you have free of charge.

We are always answering our phone at 972-695-4060.
6860 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas, 75024

Emergency Repair Service

The very notion of procrastinating garage door repair is absurd. Not only are these mechanisms important for protecting your car from the elements, but they also protect your home valuables from outside threats of burglars and other unscrupulous individuals. You cannot simply leave a broken garage door until next week, or even until morning, given the high risk of theft or intrusion.

For that matter, the garage door system itself can be dangerous to handle because of the springs, which hold back 300 pounds or more of weight—enough to seriously insure someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are repairing and how to handle the equipment. Even brackets can be potentially dangerous.

Remember when we said earlier that garage door systems caused approximately 13,000 physical injuries a year? The biggest threat wasn’t actually the springs or faulty maintenance, but according to the Annual U.S. Garage Door Injury Statistics, fingers caught between section joints were the most statistically harmful element. Owch is right!

This is why City to City Garage Door Repair believes in offering 24-7 emergency customer support and emergency services 972-695-4060. We know that you can’t afford to wait days before a professional can come look at the faulty system. A garage is an important part of your life, your safety, and your livelihood and so we make every effort to answer calls quickly and travel to any faulty garage door repair within minutes.

Our emergency services in Plano Tx is a sigh of relief to customers who have suffered an emergency garage door repair, garage door spring repair, garage door cable repair, garage door opener replacement,garage door off track, or who simply wake up in the middle of the night because of a booming crash—the symbol of an old and usually unmaintained garage door.

Let City To City Garage Door Repair help you and come to the rescue, fixing whatever problem you have. You can call us anytime 972-695-4060, day or night, any day of the week. City to City Garage Door Repair offers emergency services for your protection.

Call us at 972-695-4060 or contact us via web form at:
6860 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas, 75024

Contact Us

City To City Garage Door Repair services the Dallas-Fort Worth area and offers round the clock customer support.

Call us at 972-695-4060 to speak to a customer service representative or leave a voice mail for an immediate call back. We are always accessible and make every effort to offer fast and responsive repair, maintenance or complete installation services.

You can reach us at our physical address: 6860 North Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas, 75024
By appointments only.

Or visit us on the web at

Our staff has had multiple years of experience in garage door repair and installation, and is qualified, licensed, insured and bonded to help you out of a jam.

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Bob  Lee
Name: Bob Lee
Location: Plano,Texas,United States
Job Title: Garage Door Repair
Company: City To City Garage Door Repair

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