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Gil Palatin
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Gil Palatin is currently living in Agoura Hills, California, working as a Kitchen remodel in "Palatin Remodeling Inc" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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kitchen remodel


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Agoura Hills, California

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Home Based Biz

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I’ve been involved in home improvement and remodeling since the late 1980s starting with my journeyman and design skills, and once I realized I wanted to actually work on the projects I was planning it only made sense that I start my own company. Early on I decided that Los Angeles would be the location for my company because it’s where I could best help others achieve their dreams through construction and remodeling.

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Gil Palatin
Name: Gil Palatin
Location: Agoura Hills,California,United States
Job Title: kitchen remodel
Company: Palatin Remodeling Inc

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