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Ethel Phillip is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, working as a President in "Share Something Positive Today Foundation" and is interested in Non-profit/Association.
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Charlotte, North Carolina

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Share Something Positive Today Foundation
Promotes Random Acts of kindness to improve the lives of people around the world.

Share Something Positive Today LLC
Charlotte, NC United States
08/2006 - 12/2009
Duties include: Business Consulting & Formation of business entities for use
in asset protection. Fundraising consulting for nonprofits and for profits. Peer
to Peer lending for business or personal use. Evaluating and monitoring
policies and tax regulations pertaining to Business formation for asset
Mary Kay Inc
Dallas, TX United States
02/2003 - 12/2008
Hours per week: 20
Independent Skincare Consultant
Delivered presentations on the basic steps to maintaining healthy skin
through a skin care management system for Men, Women, and Teens.
Offered motivational advice and consultation to individuals where
appropriate. Managed and consulted with groups of one to fifteen persons per
session. Directed and trained new consultants, who also assist me in these
presentations. Managed inventory of skincare products. Participated in
weekly meetings with senior consultants. Developed strategies to improve
sales, and the efficiency of delivery of services.
South Atlantic Conference SDA Pathfinder
Atlanta, GA United States
09/2004 - 12/2006
Hours per week: 20
Regional Conference Pathfinder Fundraising Director
Supervisor: Julian James (803-)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Coordinated/managed planned and developed Fundraising projects and/or
events in the Southeast Regional area, NC, SC & GA. Planned, developed,
evaluated, reviewed and implemented targeted financial needs and/or goals of the organization regionally. Collaborate with Corporate and other
Philanthropist to Negotiate financial contributions for perspective projects
and annual giving. Organized, planned and implemented fundraising events.
Advised senior coordinators/managers and assisted smaller groups with
individual fundraising Goals
NC CCRT Utilization Board Reviewer
Charlotte, NC United States
09/2004 - 12/2004
Hours per week: 4
Volunteer - Utilization Peer Reviewer
Supervisor: Mr. (7040000000)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Participated in the MH Service Providers RFP selection pertaining to the state
divestiture of Mental Health Services in Mecklenburg County. Reviewed,
Evaluated, Rated, Recommended and Selected qualified Service Providers.
Evaluated the Strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, Reviewed and
analyzed Historical Data, and qualifying experience. Collaborated with peers
and consumers.
SDA Pathfinder Club
Charlotte, NC United States
12/2002 - 09/2004
Hours per week: 20
Associate Director & Fundraiser
Supervisor: Tanya ... (7040000000)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Raised $3000+ in donations from local corporate companies during three
months in 2004. Managed inventory and purchasing. Assisted with the
development of the budget and analysis of the annual budgets. Instructed
three or more curriculum classes of boys and girls age 10 to 12 years old.
Consulted on the development of camping and survival skills for the children
and staff. Educated the children on self-esteem, confidence, and
determination. Instructed on goal setting, use of diaries, and utilized a
structured literacy program to teach the principles and standards of the
Organization. Developed and implemented a fundraising workshop for a
group of 6 directors and 15 in training. Assisted the director with policy and
administrative development for the Club. Directed and managed a fundraising
committee of seven to eight individuals, who worked to promote the club in
the local and national community. Organized fundraising events; grant
writing sessions, and program/event planning for the club. Directed group
activities that help the club learn basic principles of group dynamics.
Curriculums consisted of seven areas taught from theoretical and practical
perspectives. Theoretical knowledge, recreational, artistic, nature,
conservation, vocational, and outreach areas. Pathfinders are a worldwide
organization of young people sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist
Church, though young people of any religious persuasion or none at all, are
welcome and encouraged to join the organization.
USAJOBS - Resume Builder - Work Experience 12/26/12 5:48 PM
about:blank Page 3 of 8
Charlotte, NC United States
11/1997 - 09/2001
Salary: 125.00 USD Per Hour
Hours per week: 60
Formed, planned, managed and marketed company to various managed-care
companies. Developed policies, corporate structure, and other professional
network structures. Developed and formed policies and procedures for
analysis and evaluation of the company’s budgetary and operational
performance. Consulted with peer professionals to evaluate company’s
performance and delivery.
Developed standard operating procedures for staff and contracted employees
to follow. Developed company policies for operations, employee conduct,
and customer service. Developed and maintained Corporate structure for
taxation, budgeting and operational purposes. Developed professional
network structures with other peer professionals and managed care companies
to generate a continuous flow of clients/patients. Developed/formulated and
analyzed long and short term budgets, and 5 year financial plans reflecting
P&L reports, cash flow reports, and other financial management reports.
Managed customer relations and Human Resource related issues. Processed
insurance claims, and co-pays for client caseload. Managed, trained and
supervised 5-10 clerical temporary/contract employees. Managed and
supervised data entry of accounting and payroll. Monitored the operating
budget for the company. Developed strategies to manage the financial
resources of the company monthly, quarterly, and annually. Used quickbooks
software to execute various cost, and budget studies and analysis. Used
quicken tax software to file taxes for the company. Researched tax
publications and implemented procedures and legislation of tax rules and
standards. Conducted administrative and financial analysis and research
where applicable. Managed and supervised reorganization of company.
Managed and maintain a Practice caseload of 50+ clients.
Managed case management process; billing, correspondence and A/R etc.
Ethel (and) Associates PA of NC
Concord, Charlotte, NC United States
01/1998 - 09/2001
Salary: 200.00 USD Per Hour
Hours per week: 60
Practice Owner, Clinincal Therapist
Owned and operated a Clinical Practice of Psychotherapy with couples,
individuals, and families, in two locations. Administered short and long term
clinical/therapeutic counseling, assessments and evaluations, treatment
planning and/or referral of adults and children with varied mental health
issues and/or personal concerns. (self-esteem, relational problems, family
issues, bipolar issues, borderlines, gender identity, suicide, ADHD, depression, obsessive/compulsive disorder, divorce, marital
conflict, financial problems, infidelity, jealousy, sexual harassment, anger
management, and other psychiatric problems). Developed educational
seminars on Parenting, grief, and loss topics. Client Populations consisted of
individuals derived from various Managed Care Networks and Employee
Assistance Programs. Advised and provided management with professional
assistance and feedback on employees referred for counseling through the
Employee Assistance Program. Developed and implemented clinical
interventions, and case management. Utilized clinical approaches to perform
clinical therapy for couples, families, and Individuals. Focal populations of
this practice were Adults with marital and familial problems. Problems
addressed involved a variety of relational issues. Assessment modalities were
used to administer basic mental status exams, standard assessment interviews
and marital inventories/profiles. Treatment consisted of 3-6 one-hour sessions
of Employee Assistance Program Counseling and/or brief Solution Focused
Therapy with Journaling.
provider panels.
evaluated, analyzed, and implemented policies for corporate structure, and
other professional PPO network structures. Evaluated program efficiency,
effectiveness and productivity for the practice, through Peer-to-Peer reviews,
and Board Certification Reviews. Interpreted the impact of regulations and
policies on administrative program procedures, and implemented them
throughout the 16 PPO provider networks contracts with the Practice.
Managed and maintained a Practice caseload of 30+ clients. Utilized,
maintained, and monitored integrated reporting systems through automated
practice management software, and in writing to communicate with PPO
provider network managers regarding clients evaluation/assessment and
progress in the treatment program. Developed and implemented
comprehensive plans and strategies for the integration of day-to-day and
long-range functioning of the practice. Conducted weekly meetings,
briefings, and other activities to review client’s progress, and analyzed
practice efficiency in the areas of Program planning, customer service, and
other clinical and administrative activities. Developed analytical reports
based on clinical assessments with recommendations for EAP (Employee
Assistance Program) provider network managers. Developed daily standard
operating procedures for Staff and contracted employees to follow.
CLAIMS PROCESSOR - processed patients HCFA forms, electronically and
manually for 16 different insurance companies. Utilized, and implemented
knowledge of ICD9’s, and CPT coding procedures. Utilized Practice
management software to manage claims, progress notes for caseload.
BUSINESS OWNER - Formed, managed and Marketed Company to various
managed care companies. Processed insurance claims, and co-pays for client
caseload. Managed, trained and supervised 5-10 clerical temporary
employees. Managed data entry of accounting and payroll. Managed the
reorganization of company. FINANCIAL OFFICER – Managed and analyzed
Budgeting, Accounting, Bookkeeping and developed Fundraising Campaigns.
CASE MANAGER - Managed case management process; review and
evaluation of Patient records, billing, correspondence and A/R etc.
ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR - Managed customer relations and Human
Resource related issues; Hiring, selection, training, development, and
compensation. Planned, analyzed, coordinated, evaluated and directed the
development of priorities; scheduling routine meetings with clinical peer
supervisor, and performance reviews to accomplish Practice management
objectives which support the overall operational objectives of the practice.
STAFF SUPERVISOR – Hired and supervised one MSW clinical social
District of Columbia City Council Mtgs
Washington, DC United States
01/1995 - 04/1995
Hours per week: 30
Administrative Social Work Student Intern
Supervisor: Brin Hawkins (202-806-)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Attended public meetings on administrative planning and development,
Observed the reorganization and planning of program policies pertaining to
Human Services and the elderly. Maintained Notes for reporting.
American Association for Retired People
washington, DC United States
09/1994 - 12/1994
Hours per week: 30
Student Intern
Supervisor: Brin Hawkins (202)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Assisted the senior officer with compilation of office newsletter. Assisted the
State Ombudsman’s office on routine checks of Nursing Homes to monitor
compliance with state regulations. Participated in administrative planning and
development meetings regarding the reorganization of policy programs
pertaining to Human Services and the elderly. Designed and developed
questionnaires, evaluation forms and data gathering surveys. Participated in
peer group interaction and dynamic problem solving. Researched and
analyzed statistical information pertaining to employment trends, budgets and
health care issues pertaining to the elderly. Research writing and composition
of proposals, and magazine/news articles. Performed and participated in
contract negotiating.
ESD 123, K-12 Public Schools
Walla Walla, WA United States
10/1992 - 04/1993
Salary: 2,000.00 USD Student Stipend
Hours per week: 20
Student Intern
Supervisor: Wilma ... (000)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Monitored a caseload of children referred by teachers for possible social
service intervention. Intervention included home visits to meet with families,
distribution of food and clothing articles, brief counseling, etc. Participated
on multidisciplinary team for each case. Issues ranged from coping with
cancer in the home and the affects on performance to Truancy and ADHD
issues, and the need for winter coats or clean clothing for the children.
Designed and developed questionnaires, evaluation forms and data gathering
surveys. Participated in peer group interaction and dynamic problem solving.
Case management. Counseling in groups and individual settings on school
social work. (Weekly). Planned, developed and conducted educational
Department of Commerce, PTO, Ofc of
Arlington, VA United States
10/1989 - 06/1991
Hours per week: 40
Series: 0203 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 6
Human Resource Assistant (This is a federal job)
Supervisor: Carolyn Acree (703)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Worked as assistant to the director of Personnel. Conducted Orientation
biweekly for new employees. Administered the Oath of Office. Assisted with
attrition reports. Assisted division directors and specialist with small projects
in staffing and classification. Developed correspondence for official signature
of Directors. Participated in the planning and development of internal training
and developmental programs. Participated in special initiatives from the
Personnel Director’s Office regarding the Associate Commissioners regional
offices. Designed and developed questionnaires, evaluation forms for data
gatherings. Planned , supervised , and coordinated Agency wide fundraiser
campaign; Savings Bond Drive. Served as liaison between division directors,
the assistant director, and director of Personnel. Participated in the Planning,
monitoring and coordinating of an agency wide audit of the personnel Office
and Program areas. Participated in peer group interaction and dynamic
problem solving. Researched and analyzed statistical information pertaining
to employment trends, budget and attrition rates in the office of personnel.
Coordinated and conducted special projects and assignments; presenting
seminars to managers within the office of Personnel and other agencies.
Budget/cost analysis proposal writing, and composition of
magazine/newsletter articles.
Participated in contract negotiating. Assisted senior personnel specialist with
staffing and recruitment; screening and reviewing applicants, and rating
applications. Assisted division director with composition of vacancy
announcements and position descriptions. Participated in Open Season;
explaining the various insurance options, and distributing information and
literature on benefits.
Rockville, MD United States
06/1988 - 12/1989
Hours per week: 40
Series: 0301 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 04
Personnel Assistant (This is a federal job)
Performed Light secretarial duties and front desk work. special Assignment
from commissioners officers office.
BETHESDA, MD United States
05/1984 - 05/1988
Hours per week: 20
Series: 0322 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 04
a federal job)
Clerk Typist GS 03-04: Light typing, errands, filing, data entry, and
answering the phone.
Lab Tech WG 07: Maintaining and monitoring the quality of the lab
equipment, and beakers used for laboratory functions.
D.C. Superior Court, Div. of Probation
Washington, DC United States
08/1987 - 04/1988
Hours per week: 10
Student Intern
Supervisor: James Hammond (301)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Assisted with the client monitoring of social service needs while client was
on probation. Assisted Lead Caseworker with filing, Court Reporting, Drug
Screening and Home visits. Assessed cases for recommendations at Superior
Court Hearings. Interviewed clients concerning probationary requirements.
Counseled in areas of finances, employment, family and personal problems;
Made appropriate referrals.
Monitored random drug testing appointments. Participated in peer group
interaction and dynamic problem solving.
Education: Capella University Minneappolis, MN United States
Doctorate 05/2014
Credits Earned: 24 Quarter hours
Major: Human Services
Howard University Washington, DC United States
Master's Degree 05/1995
GPA: 3.48 of a maximum 4.00
Credits Earned: 60 Semester hours
Major: Management and Human Resource Management Minor: Gerontology (Macro) and
Social Policy
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
Provisionally licensed: NC 1997-2001 LCSW.
Concentration in Administration, Management and Human Resource Management; First
year of graduate work.
Concentration in Gerontology and Administration; second year of graduate work.
Columbia Union College/Washington Adventist University Takoma Park, MD United
Bachelor's Degree 04/1989
GPA: 2.38 of a maximum 4.0
Credits Earned: 129 Semester hours
Major: Counseling Psychology Minor: Business
Job Related
Social Service Management/Human Resource Management Internship at the
Department of Commerce, PTO office of the Director of Human Resources.
Language Spoken Written Read
Spanish Novice Novice Novice
Affiliations: American Business Women's Association (ABWA) - Member
National Association of Social Workers (NASW) - Member
National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) - Member
Meritorious Service Award- FDA 1989 (see OPF)
Scholastic Honors Award 1989
Computer Proficiency, Apple.
Software: Ms Word, Ms Excel, Adobe, SPSS, Firefox browsers, safari and
quicktime software.
Volunteer Leadership: Associate Youth Director, Honors instructor.
Fundraiser Coordinator 2003-2006

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Ethel  Phillip
Name: Ethel Phillip
Location: Charlotte,North Carolina,United States
Job Title: President
Company: Share Something Positive Today Foundation

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