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Dale Terpening is currently living in Norwalk, Ohio, working as a Food Safety Sanitation Specialist/Consultant in "Self Employed" and is interested in Chemicals, Consulting, Education, Environmental Services, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing, Presentations, Services.
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Food Safety Sanitation Specialist/Consultant


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Norwalk, Ohio

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Chemicals, Consulting, Education, Environmental Services, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing, Presentations, Services

My Interests

Dale Terpening is Searching for a Career in Food Safety Related Industries such as Chemical Sales, Sanitaton Consulting, Food Safety consulting, etc. daleterpening Dale Terpening Son is a professional Skateboarder in CA. Dale Terpening son skates for numerous sponsors. He lives in Hollywood, CA and Dale R Terpening enjoys traveling there to see him preform. Dale Terpening enjoys watching his son skate n competitons and demos. Dale Terpening son also travel throughout the USA promoting skateboarding. Dale Terpening son also travels overseas for sponsors. Dale Terpening son can be viewed in hundreds of videos on the internet. Dale Terpening is married with 4 children. Dale Terpening has 4 grandchildren. Dale Terpening enjoys travel, sports, and activities with grandchildren. Dale Terpening Dale Terpening lives in Norwalk, Ohio

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Dale Terpening has joined on Nov 24, 2013

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DALE TERPENING (dale terpening) Norwalk, Ohio
Dale Terpening
Dale Terpening is searching for new and rewarding challenges in Food Safety related Industries.
Dale Terpening is an energetic, conscientious, results-oriented professional with 35 plus years of experience in food industry and sanitation services. Dale Terpening has excellent communication skills coupled with proven analytical skills have led to numerous accomplishments. Dale Terpening has a vast experience with sanitation chemicals, cleaning procedures, sanitary design, food safety, troubleshooting, and operational savings in food related industry.
Dale Terpening has provided Food Safety Sanitation consulting for the large majority of RTE food manufacturers over the years. Dale Terpening has worked with companies such as Tyson Foods, Pilgrim's, John Morrell, Cargill, JBS, Hormel Foods, Kraft Foods, Nestles, Butterball, Hatfield, Kunzlers, Richs Products, OK Foods, Simmons Foods, Case Farms, Michigan Turkey, Jennie O, Cooper Farms, West Liberty, Pierre Advance, Kroger, Land O Lakes, Leprino, Hersheys, Mars, General Mills, Fresh Mark, Wornick Company, Koch Foods, Coleman Foods, Tip Top, OSI, Criders, West Liberty Foods, Farmland, Smithfield, Indiana Packers, Request Foods, ConAgra, Welch's, CTI, Kellogg’s, Schwans and many more.
Dale Terpening also has a high degree of experience in operational savings, antimicrobial applications, chemical surveying, chemical equipment installations, and sanitary design. Dale Terpening has also worked extensively with the major sanitation contract cleaners - PSSI, DCS, QSI, CSL, Superior, Ronell, etc.
Dale Terpening has 30 years of experience in chemical sales to the food industry, with extensive contacts throughout the United States. Over the years I have maintained major corporate contracts with Sara Lee, Hudson Foods, ConAgra, Fresh Mark, etc.
Dale Terpening studied criminal law in Fort Wayne, IN
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Dale Terpening
Name: Dale Terpening
Location: Norwalk,Ohio,United States
Job Title: Food Safety Sanitation Specialist/Consultant
Company: Self Employed

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Dale Terpening
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