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Glass Agencies is currently living in Ambala, India, working as a Laboratory Equipments & Instruments in "Glass Agencies" and is interested in Industrial Equipment.
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Laboratory Equipments & Instruments


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Ambala, India

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Industrial Equipment

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Our Lab Glassware apparatus are Beaker, Ruduction Adaptor, Expension Adaptor, Bend, Cone, Socket, Liebig Condensers, Coil Condenser, Electrical Distillation Apparatus, Separatory Funnels, Petri Dishes, Volumetric Flasks, Flat Bottom Flasks, Round Bottom Flasks, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Conical Flasks, Funnels, Test Tubes, Graduated Cylinders, Dropping Bottle, Burettes, Pipettes, Pyknometer, Viscometer, Quick Fit Bends Adaptors, Quick Fit Distillation Units, Measuring Cylinders, Table Blown moulded Glassware, Separating Funnels, Drying Tubes, Stoppers, Culture tube, bottles, Kipps Apparatus, glass adapters, test tubes, Soxhlet extraction apparatus, Graudated Test Tubes, Hoffman voltameter, Air pump, lift pump, force pump, filter pump, ganong photometer, ball joint, Class Laboratory Glassware with works certificate Lab Instruments apparatus are Oven, Hot Plate, Laminar Air Flow, Filter Paper, Retort Stands, Burertte Clamps, Boss Head, Bunsen Burners, Magnetic Stirrers, Heating Mantles, Test Tube Racks, Test Tube Brushes, Vaccum Pump, Water bath, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Ph meter, Digital Micro Variable Pipettes Our Medical Products are Surgical Bandage Gloves, Centrifuge Machines, Autoclaves, Sterlizer, Dressing Drum, Surgical Blades, Suction Units,Cannula, Suture Needles, Enema Syringes, Plastic Bottles for Medicine, Equipments of Pharmacology, Dental Instruments, Electro Medical Instruments, Veterinary Inst, Wheel Chairs, Hospital Furniture, Caps, Masks, Gowns, Drapes, Latex Rubber Gloves, Examination gloves, Surgical gloves, First Aid Kits, Syringes and Needle, Face mask, surgeon cap, oxygen mask, Lab Coat, urine container, stool container, urine bag, cord clamp, scalp vein set, Ryles tube, rectal tube, Nasal oxygen cannula, Mucus Extractor Infant, Infant Feeding Tube, Endotracheal tube, Catheter Foley balloon, Blood Administration set, Cotton, Bandages, Gauge Our Hospital Furniture are Bed, dressing trolley, medicine trolley, almirah, baby cradle, oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter, Wheel chair, nebulizer, needle destroyer, ambu bag, Vaccum extractor, Stethoscope, B.P. Apparatus, ambu bag, Vaccum extractor, Stethoscope, B.P. Apparatus, Sphygmomanometer, Angle poise lamp, Our Surgical Instruments are Surgical Instruments, Stainless Steel Hospital Utilities, Dental Instruments, Surgical Implants, Forceps and Twisters, Scissors, Operation Theater Instruments, Anesthetic Equipments, Cardiac Care Equipments, Ward Bed, Trolly's , Chair Etc, Electro-Surgical Instruments, Bed pan, bone cutter, catheter tray, Dissecting set, Dressing drum, Ear syringe, E.N.T set, Laryngoscope, Forcep, Sterilizers, Kidney Tray, Instrument Trays, Lotion Bowl, Scalple, Scissors, pliers, Autoclaves, Microtomes, surgical dental instruments, wheel chair

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Glass Agencies has joined on Nov 12, 2013

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M/S Glass Agencies based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana (INDIA) are Manufacturer and Exporter of all type of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific, Surgical, Medical, Hospital, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Woodenware, Laboratory Silicaware, Laboratory Rubberware, Laboratory Porcelainware, Laboratory Quartzware, Orthopedic, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dairy, Milk Testing, Oil Testing, Petroleum Testing, Aggregate Testing, Cement concrete testing, Surveying, Educational, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab Instruments and Equipments including Microscope, Laboratory Chemical, Educational Charts, Models and Slides

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Glass Agencies
Name: Glass Agencies
Location: Ambala,India
Job Title: Laboratory Equipments & Instruments
Company: Glass Agencies

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