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About Lester Sheets

Lester Sheets is a MASTER DISTRIBUTOR and works at the company Ur.TurnON.
Lester Sheets is located in Riverview, Florida and is interested in Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
Riverview, Florida
Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Work from Home
I have always been a marketer. This NEW Love Drink is a dream come true. I can mix my BUSINESS - INTENSIFY MY PLEASURE and INCREASE MY TREASURE. FOR OTHER FUN, Politics, If you don't VOTE, DON'T complain about your government. SilverJingles tweets for our USA today and every day. YOU can too. Give ten miunets a day for your USA. Real-estate, My first love and the one thing I have always made any money at.
Sep 26, 2007
SHEETS, Lester T. Riverview, FL 33569


photo date June, 2004
Citizenship USA
DOB **/**/1925

Military Service: WWII, USNR , S2/c
South Pacific Theater, Five Bronze Stars,
Marital Status: Married, My wife
is from Colombia
No Dependent Children

Education and personaldevelopment program:

HighSchool Dustin Oklahoma, General, 1947
Two years Jr. college S. E. Okla. A& M Agg./Bio. Sci.
Continuing education and training.
**MS/DOS & PC computer, 16 hrs. 1982
**Constraction Claims Changes and Modifications, 38 hrs. 1982
**How to Set Up and Supervise a Construction and Maintenance Program,
36 hrs 1983
**ContractNegotiations, 40 hrs. 1984
**Project Management and System Engineering, 40 hrs. 1984
Real Estte Appraisal, The National College of Appraisal and Property
Management Diploma; May 1992

OBJECTIVE: Challenging Old Age and CONTINUING! The ability to see,
and understand the trends and patterns shaping the future, and a desire to
help crate that future is the essence of leadership and the EFFORT that
keeps me moving ever forward. .

As An Entrepreneur: I began growing and selling fresh garden vegetables,
at the age of eight, in 1934. As a, sixteen year od, high school
student in 1942 I owned the only movie theater in my small hometown, using
a rented 16 MM Bell and Howell projector and rented movies, shipped by
mail. My net income ran from $30 to $50 per week. (More than many grown
men made at the time) I have farmed and raised livestock in Texas,
Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Washington, and Oregon. Owned a Frozen Food
Locker and Food Processing Plant in Oklahoma and a General Store in
I have successfully done self owned sub-divisions, designed, built and
operated recreational facilities and race tracks and prometed motorcycle
and MASCAR races . I have owned and traded real-estate in ten of the
fifty States in the USA. I was elected to and served on the board of
directors, for two year terms, on two different Wireless Cable
Corporations. and was the CEO during equipment purchase, installation, and
bringing to initial broadcast status for one on these.


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Who is Lester Sheets?

Lester Sheets is a person living in Riverview, Florida and is interested in Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.

What is the address and contact information of Lester Sheets?

Lester Sheets lives in Riverview, Florida.

Where can I find more information about Lester Sheets?

You can find more information about Lester Sheets by click here.

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Name: Lester Sheets
Location: Riverview,Florida,United States
Company: Ur.TurnON

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