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John Willms is currently living in Belmopan, Belize, working as a Director in "Divine Energies" and is interested in Consulting, Energy, Environmental Services, Home Based Biz, HospitalityTravel, Import/Export, Transportation, Wholesale, Work from Home.
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Belmopan, Belize

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Consulting, Energy, Environmental Services, Home Based Biz, HospitalityTravel, Import/Export, Transportation, Wholesale, Work from Home

My Interests

Sailing, technology, electric propulsion, alternative energy harvesting, living off grid, helping people get what they need, Internet marketing and cool people.

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John Willms has joined on Jul 10, 2013

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Married, 2 adult children.
Been in business all my life and have always been "not normal." I believe that life is to be lived and so we do just that.
Lucy, my gorgeous wife, and I live on our 60' sailboat and we are presently in Belize working with the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve and Sanctuary Belize to bring forward a self sustainable development here.

My business experience comes from all avenues. I guess you could say I got my start in business when I was 6 - painting toy cars for a quarter each. But for real, I was introduced to MLM when I was 15 years old and Shaklee came into our families life. Great company and fantastic products. I'm not a distributor. Doesn't fit. tried Amway too. Made money on both, but didn't fit.

Had the opportunity to discover what the Financial Services industry had to offer after getting licensed to sell securities etc.. That was just too criminal for me. Financial planners don't necessarily have your best interests at heart.. Or at least the companies they work for don't. They just want you money and for you to NEVER make a claim. THAT is a good customer. But everyone knows that.

Then I found Beer. I started a Wine and beer making supply store and became very proficient at the craft. Still make both today. Had that enterprise for about 7 years and then moved on to contracting. My business partner and best friend (still to this day - except for Lucy) and I had the largest house painting/finishing business in Manitoba, Canada.

Then I got the sailing bug and moved out to the west coast. After a few years consulting with some breweries to get a bit established, I decided it was time to build boats. After 7 years training with PMG Heritage Yachts in Ladysmith, BC, I turned into an accomplished builder and boat wright. I don't really like the word shipwright because ships are 300+ feet and I won't build anything bigger than 8- or so - right now anyway :-). Give me an order :-). The years since I have expanded to custom building ocean going yachts and found myself in the Caribbean on a sailboat offering marine and energy consulting services to a very large development here.

I also have several internet businesses that have been very good to me.

Funny - When people ask me what I do for a living? My answer has always been - What ever is next. :-).

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John Willms
Name: John Willms
Location: Belmopan,Belize
Job Title: Director
Company: Divine Energies

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