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Peace Blaster is currently living in Montreal, Quebec, working as a Performing Artiste & Singer,Composer Song Writer in "PeaceBlasterMusic & PeaceBlasterOnline" and is interested in Entertainment.
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Performing Artiste & Singer,Composer Song Writer


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Montreal, Quebec

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Concerts,Festivals,CD Sale,Music businesses,Music Tours

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Peace Blaster has joined on Jun 29, 2013

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PEACEBLASTER was born in A Makouguie, Cote d’Ivoire In 1977. He established himself in the Ivorian music scene playing his own unique style of Reggae, gospel, Afro-beat Reggae, Lovers Rock, and classical music. With a catalogue of over 200 original compositions, PEACEBLASTER his a successful artist releasing four albums with a single featuring such favourites as 'Taxi Driver', 'Revive Me, Darkness Is Over' Don't forget me, Poursuis ton reve , and receiving regular airplay on radios throughout Cote d'Ivoire., PEACE BLASTER was poised to break out of the Ivorian music
Scene and into the international Market when he was booked to appear Unfortunately events in his home Country took a turn for the worse and when civil war broke out, he was Forced to withdraw from at the last minute. The situation in his country deteriorated to a point that he was forced to flee for his life to neighbouring Ghana in April of this year. Since then he has been rebuilding his life and his musical career and recorded a new Album of 12 Titles Our great Story in 2012 in the capital of Ghana.
He doesn’t want to give up where he left off. Good songwriter and good live performer Peace Blaster has the ability of singing Soul-touching songs and with broken heart healing melodies. Black belt in Martial Arts, several times national champion of Ivory Coast with 11 medals Peace is determined to create his own future. Intelligent, courageous, multi-talented full of potentials Peace Blaster has been working in Companies Such as SIVOP / SCB / ICM Holding in on Mission at Anadarko Petroleum / VANCO Energy /CNR and TIDES.
The Amazing side of Peace is that he his very generous and has been helping a lot people In Ivory Coast, and Ghana by providing food dress and medicines when they were sick. He has been praying for people calling him from certain parts of Europe, Us advising them to make good decision in their lives. Peace Blaster has long had a huge appreciation for music since he was sixteen years old. He faced a lot financially problems when recording his first album Question Time
,but these problems have never shake him, but strengthened him and gave him more courage to realize his dreams. For me, more dreams didn’t come to pass because people gave up too soon, he who give gives up before reaching the top of the mountain of life will never greatness and seat among the great men of this world.
Some people prefer to talk about what they want to become in life, but some prefer to work it out because that is the best way to show people what you want your future to be. Only work can bring the paycheck. I feel what happening in people life and want sing about to tell them that if other people have overcome it, they can also win. Especially when I see people suffering I feel very bad in my heart because how hard it is when you facing hard time and you don’t have anybody by yourself to support you.
Peaceblaster First five albums were produced by Himself, the title Taxi Driver is a well appreciated. Some songs focus on Peace Blaster’s incredible lyrics and voice. Well-respected in his community sometimes acting like a preacher, he has a gift for imbuing each lyric of his songs with an authenticity and emotional integrity that resonates with the listeners. He always makes sure to have in his lyrics a motivational part and an advising part. In fact, Peace feels connected more profoundly to the spirit of God guiding him in every moment of his music career. Very much inspired Peace Blaster has written more than 200 Songs and didn’t record all them yet when more inspiration coming every single day.
As he wrote in his song called TRAINING GROUND, IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, YOU GOTTA RISE UP and start to move, YOU MUST NEVER TURN AROUND UNTIL MAKE IT HAPPEN. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T START THE BATTLE THAT MUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE, YOU WILL NEVER WIN IT. He usually says that, this world belongs to the strongest, to the smarts and to the wise, to be a winner you got to think like a winners no matter how hard life is helping people should be our objective in this life, motivating them to make good decision and to live a better life should be our task everyday, and that is what Peace Blaster’s Music career is about ,He went through troubles but never give up. He used Troubles are what God uses to confirm who we really are. I used to say that whatever people may think about you, only when confronting troubles, hardship they will really discover your power or you weakness.
In life, it isn’t what happens to you that stops you, but it is how you understand it and the decision you make about it, that will take you where you will be in the future. PeaceBlaster found himself in several situations where he could have given up but he didn’t. In this life whatever you want, unless you pray and work hard for it, no one will do it for you. People may sometimes but the one that has to change for good is you. Because people are busy creating their own feature, so people shouldn’t waste time, time is precious when you don’t advantage of it, it’s gone forever.
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Peace Blaster
Name: Peace Blaster
Location: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Job Title: Performing Artiste & Singer,Composer Song Writer
Company: PeaceBlasterMusic & PeaceBlasterOnline

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