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About Ehizuwa asin Christian

Ehizuwa Asin Christian is currently living in Kaduna, Nigeria, working as a Flush Boko-Haram Out Of Nigeria in "Media" and is interested in Media.
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Flush Boko-Haram Out Of Nigeria


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Kaduna, Nigeria

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FLUSH BOKO-HARAM OUT OF NIGERIA is a Blog/website Built to create an avenue for well meaning nigerians Home and Abroad who will agree with me that Enough is Enough on the Continuous Onslaught Of Boko-Haram on innocent unsuspecting nigeria citizens, we can no longer afford to fold our arms and watch these demented,unscrupuluous barbarians while they continue to slaughter and massacre our beloved ones all in the name of one meaningless cause which certainly holds no ground. It's already a common knowledge that these so called demented islamic jihadist are belived to have slaughted up to 4,000 persons, injured much more and devastated the infrastructure and economy of the Northern states of Nigeria, where it daily kills innocent nigerians and officials. Even at this moment, inpite of the proposed Amnesty,which was vehemently rejected by the islamic sects, they still go about killing and burning innocent nigerians, and we at FLUSH BOKO-HARAM OUT OF NIGERIA have decided that Enough is Enough, we can not sit back and watch these barbarians continue their onslaught on the innocent citizens of Nigeria. So right here in FLUSHBOKO-HARAMOUTOFNIGERIA.BLOGSPOT.COM we have decided to GRAB the bull by the horn, we are providing a platform where well meaning Nigerians Home and Abroad can LOG ON TO, u don't need to register, just LOG ON and join the discussion table, and if u can, propose and present a reasonable possible solution to these lingering Boko-Haram menace. One of the solutions we've adopted here on FLUSHBOKO-HARAMOUTOFNIGERIA.BLOGSPOT.COM which we think will possibly go a long way to cub the excesses of the dreaded Boko-Haram, is to reward any man or woman whom will be able to come up with any intel on the possible hide out of any Boko-Haram Camp, it won't cost u anything to give us informations on how to clamp down on Boko-Haram in where ever you think(and pls don't just think,u have to be very sure of your intel) their hide out and camp is, but rather it will put a good sum of money into your pocket. So here is the deal; Help your country,i mean your fatherland get past the everyday excesses of Boko-Haram, and swell your bank account, REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS PERSONS MOVING IN AND OUT OF YOUR VICINITY TO THE NEAREST POLICE STATION or LOG ON TO and present the INFORMATION or INTEL u have, and if your intel leads to the clamp down on the suspected Boko-Haram, u will have a good sum of money wired into your bank account, and if you decide you would want to work for us on a permanent basics then we will negotiate on your monthly salary, because right now we are presently looking for people who are willing to work for us as informats and citizen journalist. One Fact you must know is that, these so called Boko-Harams are not ghosts, they are human beings like us living among us, they do go about their normal daily activities, but then in a suspicious way, some of them have families wife,children and relatives. Some of you know these people, some of them live in your streets and around your vicinity and you must have noticed their suspicious way of life, if you know of such persons, what stops you from going to a nearest police station to lay your complains, or better still log on to to state your complains?, and then we will pass it on to the appropriate channel. DON'T WAIT FOR WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT RATHER LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR COUNTRY. The ball is now in your court, where ever you are North,South,East,West. Are you going to fold your arms or sit back and watch BOKO-HARAM take the precious life of your beloved ones or u will stand up and say no to BOKO-HARAM, by LOGIN ON to and help out in the best way you can and at the same time earn money. NIGERIA Is Our Country, Our Father Land, Some of our past leaders sacrifised their lifes while laying strong foundation for this nation to stand firm on, but right now some unscrupuluous element wants to destroy and break-up this country. If Nigeria DISINTEGRATES today, the effect will fall back on the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow. Lets stand up on our feet and fight for our future. DO NOW FOR YOUR COUNTRY WHAT YOU CAN, AND DON'T WAIT FOR WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU.Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.. AUTHOR Ehizuwa Asin Christian Admin.

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Ehizuwa Asin Christian has joined on Jun 12, 2013

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FLUSH BOKO-HARAM OUT OF NIGERIA was founded by Ehizuwa Asin Christian, a citizen journalist and a student human right activist.

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Ehizuwa Asin Christian
Name: Ehizuwa Asin Christian
Location: Kaduna,Nigeria
Job Title: Flush Boko-Haram Out Of Nigeria
Company: Media

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