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About Inamullah Ansari

Inamullah Ansari is currently living in Karachi, Pakistan, working as a Criminal Defense, Narcotics Drug & Mental Health Law Courts Interventions. in "PAK and UAE Lawyers." and is interested in Legal Services.
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Criminal Defense, Narcotics Drug & Mental Health Law Courts Interventions.


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Karachi, Pakistan

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Legal Services

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When your life is on the line, an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney may be able to save it. When your reputation is being paraded about in the Media, a lawyer with high—profile media experience can be both a calming influence and an effective litigator. When your freedom hangs in the balance, a skilled lawyer with relevant experience and qualities should be by your side to represent you.

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Inamullah Ansari has joined on Mar 12, 2013

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“TACKLING YOUR PROBLEMS HEAD ON” Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers Fighting to Prevent, Reduce or Dismiss Your Charges !!

Karachi and Dubai Criminal Defense, Narcotics Drug & Mental Health Law Courts Interventions Advocate INAMULLAH ANSARI Esq Criminal Defense Intervention Advocate in Courtrooms, Boardrooms and Screening rooms; Since—1999 provides legal representation for Criminal, Regulatory and Administrative matters. Our boutique Law Firm firmly acts for clients @ all levels of District / Session / Trial / Appeal / High / Supreme Courts and appear before Tribunals.

As Criminal Law dominated Practitioners, we attend from First Instance Courts to Apex Court for Bail hearings, Misdemeanor & Felony charges including Controlled Substance offences and youth matters. We also provide assistance with such matters as detention and extradition hearings.

Our Law Office is based in Karachi & Dubai and we represents Client’s Pakistan & U.A.E wide. Whether you or someone you care about are facing a potential Criminal record or Jail sentence, or you are considering assistance for a related matter which you are otherwise involved, contacting a Criminal Defense Lawyer can be extremely beneficial.

As Karachi and Dubai Criminal Law Standing Counsels, we explore too every possible legal remedy to ensure the best results are achieved. At the initial Consultation, we try to address the Anxiety head on by telling the Client what we think can do for him or her and how much it will cost.

For most people, getting arrested can be one of the most traumatic and loneliest events in their lives. It is frightening, because all of a sudden you must deal with the mysterious and harsh Criminal Justice System. And it is lonely, because you feel like you are the only person who has ever gone through the ordeal.

We understand that having to deal with the legal system can be a very stressful time for someone charged that is why we are not working for Clients; we are working with the Clients. “You live and learn @ any rate, you live; we live in an age where we’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom”; we teach people what we most need to learn. Contact Our Office for a free discreet Consultation for:
• Trials
• Appeals
• Bail Hearings
• Custom Matters
• Sexual Offences
• Immigration Holds
• Medical Negligence
• Securities Offences
• Private Investigation
• Criminal Intimidation
• Harassment Petitions
• Criminal Investigation
• Criminal Breach of Trust
• Banking Crimes & Frauds
• Fraud / Cheating / Forgery
• Kidnapping / Abduction & Ransom
• Murder / Attempted Murder / Assault
• Domestic Violence & Physical Abuse
• Narcotics (Drug Possession & Trafficking)
• Property Disputes (Land grabbing & illegal transfer of title)

White Collar Crimes:
• Cyber Crime
• Counterfeiting
• Financial Crimes
• Corporate Crimes
• Money laundering
• Copy right infringement
• Accountability Offences
• Telecommunication Offences
• Dishonest alienation of Mortgaged Property.
• Fraudulent misrepresentation made to a financial institution.
• Offences under the jurisdiction of Special Court (Banking Offences)

Blue Collar Crimes:
*Illegal Gambling
*Assault or Battery
*Domestic Violence
*Negligent homicide
*Property destruction
*Reckless endangerment
*Extortion through Intimidation

If You Believe You're an Innocent Don't Take The Easy Way Out — Don't Plea Bargain.

If you are not careful in selecting your lawyer, your rights may be violated or taken away.

Affordable Criminal Justice Intervention Advocates High Courts & Supreme Court available in full swing @ +92(0)3332244634 / 3002176393 or

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Inamullah Ansari
Name: Inamullah Ansari
Location: Karachi,Pakistan
Job Title: Criminal Defense, Narcotics Drug & Mental Health Law Courts Interventions.
Company: PAK and UAE Lawyers.

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