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About Gertie Cai

Gertie Cai is an Advertsing,Promotion Banner Stand and works at the company G & S Display Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Gertie Cai is located in Suzhou, China and is interested in Advertising & Media.
Advertsing,Promotion Banner Stand
G & S Display Equipment Co.,Ltd
Suzhou, China
Advertising & Media
Banner Stand,poster printing
Mar 09, 2013
G & S Display Equipment Co.,Ltd is a growing company with
8 years of experience in the field of advertising display stand,printing and corporation gifts.
Products are great for indoor & outdoor advertising,promotion and exhibition show and display. Main products include:
Business and Corporation gifts
Key chains,souvenir medals,coins,lapel pins,bottle openers,badges,buttons,
cuff links,trays,promotion items,premium and award materials,supermarket price tag,pop clips.

Digital Inkjet Poster Banners
Banners for indoor and outdoor advertising event. High precision, eviroment-friendly material. Consistent quality,low cost.
Material:PP paper,Pvc film,High Glossy Photo Paper,Backlit Film,High Glossy Photo Paper(Water proof),Front printing Backlit Film (Water proof),Glossy Poly Blend Canvas ,Double sides Printable PVC film, Water Based Transparent Vingl with Adhesive, Canvas Grain film,One way vesion,Self Adhesive Vinyl,Blockout..etc.
High resolution Digital printing on kinds material, and the image can be mount one KT board, PVC board, PVC Foamed board.
Exhibition Trade Show Display
Iron Truss ,Stage Truss,Aluminum Truss,Speed Max
Portable Display Stand
Snap frame,Roll Up,X Banner Stand,Pop Up Display,Promotion Table,Light box,wall picture shelf,pop hanger banner ,flag stand,poster stand,portable backdrop ..etc
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Q & A

Who is Gertie Cai?

Gertie Cai is a person living in Suzhou, China and is interested in Advertising & Media.

What is the address and contact information of Gertie Cai?

Gertie Cai lives in Suzhou, China.

Where can I find more information about Gertie Cai?

You can find more information about Gertie Cai by click here.

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Name: Gertie Cai
Location: Suzhou,China
Job Title: Advertsing,Promotion Banner Stand
Company: G & S Display Equipment Co.,Ltd

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