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Sandra Maddox - Lake Stevens, Washington

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About Sandra Maddox

Sandra Maddox is an Owner and works at the company Your Design.
Sandra Maddox is located in Lake Stevens, Washington and is interested in Retail.
Your Design
Lake Stevens, Washington
Bible study and reading, grandchildren, bird watching, gardening, anything outdoors by or on the water, water aerobics, travel, walking, hiking, reading, my family
Feb 10, 2013
I am a self-taught artist and have been painting tile for homes and businesses for 24 years. It is my dream job and hope to continue it for many more years. I guarantee all of my work and my job is never complete until you are 100% satisfied with the art I have painted for you.
Before I started painting tile, I was a Mom and would not trade one minute of those years with my children.

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Who is Sandra Maddox?

Sandra Maddox is a person living in Lake Stevens, Washington and is interested in Retail.

What is the address and contact information of Sandra Maddox?

Sandra Maddox lives in Lake Stevens, Washington.

Where can I find more information about Sandra Maddox?

You can find more information about Sandra Maddox by click here.

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Name: Sandra Maddox
Location: Lake Stevens,Washington,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Your Design

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