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About Daph Roang

Daph Roang is currently living in Livelong, Saskatchewan, working as a Business Developer/ Personal Leader and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Business Developer/ Personal Leader

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Livelong, Saskatchewan

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Health & Beauty

My Interests

I am interested in building people up to be all they can be in life. Whole food realities interest me and I am interested in helping break people out of the "diet" cycle and mentality and learn how to be healthy and lose weight permanently by equipping their body to heal itself with food, yes food. Not enemy of the body as we have believed, but friend and tool used to heal the body. We are also dedicated to those who wish for an opportunity to live the life of their dreams, to help that become a reality for them and have you join our team to empower the message of Moringa to get to more people who are still suffering needlessly.

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DAPH ROANG has joined on Jan 22, 2013

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My name is Daphne and I have struggled to find help for my health all my life. At only 6 years old, I would not wear shorts and never did again due to my discomfort with my size. Many years of diets, living life on the outer edge and not participating to the full extent of my desire, many tears and frustrations with programs that did not work and answers doctors could not give me, that was me and it never seemed to get better no matter how hard I worked at it.
I was not open to another drink, pill or concoction. I had had enough of that and now I was watching my children begin to live the same struggle I had lived and I was not equipped after all those years of searching with any more information to help them than what I grew up with. As I was setting my sites on gastric sleeve surgery, a friend showed up I had not seen for a couple years and asked me to try this plant product he had seen so many have awesome results with. I was hesitant and a bit rude when I told him I had been there and done those "things" and was not open to any more. It was my husband that encouraged me to try this, as the thought of the surgery was bothering him and he could not help but think of what life would be like if something happened to me while having the surgery and he would be left with our young children alone. For the sake of proving to him that it would not work, I gave it a shot in the dark and much to my dismay the weight came off. And kept coming off til I reached 93 pounds gone in 8 months. That was not the point of my buying in to the whole thing though. It came for real once I had maintained for 3 months. Loosing is never the real hard part, it is keeping it off.
Zija is not a weight management system alone, it is nutrition, it is learning what made me gain the weight to begin with and finally, being able to equip my family for success in their health. The truth was brought into our house about the food chain and it inability to sustain good health alone. Proper nutrition, World record holding Sports Energy, Weight Management and Organic Moringa based Skin Care has changed our results in many ways.
Our goal is to help as many people as we can to be set free of the "diet" mentality and learn about REAL nutrition and what it is like to live life fully.

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Location: Livelong,Saskatchewan,Canada
Job Title: Business Developer/ Personal Leader

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