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dimitry shteynberg
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About Dimitry Shteynberg

Dimitry Shteynberg is currently living in Toronto, Ontario, working as a Pain Clinic in "Toronto Pain Healing Center" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Pain Clinic


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Toronto, Ontario

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Health & Beauty

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A practicing therapist for over 15 years, he received his Medical Doctor degree graduating from Medical School In Odessa (Ukraine) in 1992, with qualification of doctor of rheumatology.
Since then Dr. Shteynberg went through extensive training in State Hospital in Odessa, and has practiced as rheumatology therapist in various medical centers in Ukraine, Israel, and Canada. In 1999, he went through Acupuncture Certified Program in Toronto, and Certified program in the North American Institute of Complementary Medicine.

The combination of training in Traditional and Osteopathic Medicine gives Dr. D.Shteynberg a unique, holistic approach to patient care, integrating the patient into the recovery process as a partner. He understands that treatment of symptoms is often only addressing half the problem, and attempts to reach patients on a personal level in order to achieve lifestyle transformations resulting in quicker recoveries and increased health awareness.
Over the years, Dr. Shteynberg has distinguished himself not only with dedication to learning and professional growth, but for his caring and forthright manner, for which he has received much praise from the patients.

Dr. Shteynberg is a certified member of the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners.

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dimitry shteynberg
Name: Dimitry Shteynberg
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Pain Clinic
Company: Toronto Pain Healing Center

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dimitry shteynberg
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