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Eileen Baldwin is currently living in Star, Idaho, working as a State certified medication technician and is interested in Real Estate.
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state certified medication technician


Star, Idaho

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Real Estate

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Hiya out there......I've just lost my house mate after 3 1/2 years. He was bound and determined to find a relationship on line! And did! And after a month of knowing this gal, he is moving in with her! SHOCKER!! Didn't see this coming, and although I work full time as a state certified medication's just too freeking expensive to keep my beautiful house up by myself! I've only lived in Idaho a few years, but love it and don't want to leave! Cali and Las Vegas transplant! I am really easy to live with....only big deal requirement is to be a dog person....I have no kids...(except for them) so you know how we aminal folks can be about our critters....they have a doggie door, and a big backyard to run around I walk them every single day, once or their pretty content. They stay with bedroom is on one side of the house with the rental room on the other! The house is prety awesome,it's nice,but you can really be comfortable there. All of the amenties are available to you I just really want somebody that can pay their obligations on time....not in my nature to be a fish wife!! Also don't really dig going through this this process often, so I really want someone who is willing to dig their heels in and stay awhile. You can view the house on Google if you're so inclined.....I live really quietly, no attachments at the time to hang around like they live there! It's just me and the pooches! So whatta think! To know me is to love me, and just about anyone that's ever seen the house and room before have wanted to rent there. So give it some thought, and Lord willing we'll land in the same place! My place! If it is meant to be! Yeah, buddy!!

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Eileen Baldwin
Name: Eileen Baldwin
Location: Star,Idaho,United States
Job Title: state certified medication technician

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Eileen Baldwin
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