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About Drake Chaffee

Drake Chaffee is currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working as an Independent Associate in "ASEA" and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz.
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Independent Associate


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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz

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I am an Independent ASEA Associate.

I'm also a beginner entrepreneur in the alternative health, fitness and renewable energy industries. I'm in the beginning stages of opening an eco-friendly fitness center that will offer alternative health products like ASEA and Enagic's Kangen water. While utilizing solar, wind and the energy produced by members to produce electricity to be used by the gym.

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drake Chaffee
Name: Drake Chaffee
Location: Colorado Springs,Colorado,United States
Job Title: Independent Associate
Company: ASEA

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drake Chaffee
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