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Arnold Donato is currently living in Chicago, Illinois, working as an Online Networking Coach in "Providential Networks & Connections Inc." and is interested in Home Based Biz, Services.
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Online Networking Coach


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Chicago, Illinois

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Home Based Biz, Services

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Arnold is multifaceted in his approach to life. Family is of incredible importance and spending time with his wife and three children is a daily highlight in his passionate life. He is socially responsible, and is involved in various charitable causes where he also shares his vast financial skills with struggling startups in his home town. Arnold is committed to his community, a passion he expresses by continually serving in the Church, on Association boards and constituency groups in and around Hinsdale. It wasn’t a rosy start, though. In fact, Arnold and his wife Rosalie had to sell their home in Morton Grove, IL, ten years ago due to the economic hardships and ended up renting one room in a three bedroom apartment with their family and 20 other people. As unbelievable as it sounds, Arnold began learning how to take advantage of passive income opportunities and the power of compounding income without having to recruit people unlike the well known multilevel marketing programs. Soon, he ended up being able to quadruple his income, move into a nice home in Hinsdale, IL and have his three kids go to a good private school. After this experience, he continues to help connect ordinary people to extraordinary opportunities. All of the people Arnold has worked with are happy with the results and networks that he has shown them. After graduating from College, Arnold worked in corporate America for about 8 years. Dissatisfied that he was stuck in dead-end jobs that actually paid well but had little opportunity for growth or development, Arnold discovered that he was more fulfilled if he went into business and so began his journey of self improvement and discovery beginning with real estate, credit repair, and mortgage loan sales for about 3 1/2 years. Arnold has done exceptionally well in all three but felt like there was something missing. He needed complete financial independence and craved the unique position that being responsible for ones your own choices as an owner of a business brought. This led him to opening up the Medical, Home Care, and Bookkeeping businesses. Doing these businesses and continuing to be involved and helping others open their own business by partnering and supporting them has brought great satisfaction to his life. Every aspect, from helping others succeed, being financially independent, and just knowing that I am ultimately responsible for my own destiny and allowing God to take control are what continually brings Arnold the feeling of success and great joy. A born leader, Arnold understands that providing inspirational leadership starts with being a good example and influencing the young generation. This is his drive for serving. Arnolds passion is threefold: Action As an entrepreneur, Arnold has on more than one occasion walked away from a well paying job to start a new challenge, after all you only live once at any given age- so no need to waste your time on something you don’t feel fulfilled about. Challenge Arnold likes to share the truth that for anyone to thrive, they must be continually challenged and that behind every challenge is an incredible opportunity to flourish. This is the idea behind his three startups geared at meeting every day challenges in peoples lives in ways that are not-everyday solutions! Growth Arnold shares the principle that growth is achieved when people step out, network and make new relationships that can feed off each others expertise and skills. That is why he serves in various associations and constituency groups. Exposure to new people is mutually beneficial and is translated into the growth and development of new leaders among the young members of the Hinsdale community! Arnold continually helps hundred of people to live a more financially free lives and also enjoy greater personal success in their lives by learning simple but profound lessons in financial etiquette and proven and successful creative strategic online and offline processes. Are you interested? Arnold is ready to assist you walk into your financial success.

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Arnold Donato has joined on Nov 23, 2012

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Arnold Donato is an American entrepreneur, online business coach, and the founder of three successful startups in the fields of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Live-In care services and the Bookkeeping industries. Arnold was born into an average American home 42 years ago in the city of Chicago, where he also grew up. In his formative stages, he developed a keen interest in business and finance, a passion that shaped his career path early in life. His small Chicago community taught him the precious skills of community, sharing and networking.

He now resides in Hinsdale, IL, and is happily married to Rosalie Donato, a registered nurse. Together they have three wonderful children. Megan, their eldest child is 15 years old and is in sophomore year at high school, Justin, their 12 year old son, an ardent guitar and piano player is in eighth grade while Ethan, their youngest child of 9 years is in his fourth grade. Ethan enjoys singing and playing basketball.

When unwinding from a busy schedule, Arnold enjoys playing basketball, volleyball and discovering new places in his itinerary when he goes traveling.

Arnold is a people person, highly approachable, patient, willing to teach others and always returns emails and phone calls.

Arnold teaches people how to take advantage of some of programs that result in utilizing passive income opportunities, a solution he discovered through research. Such programs require no recruiting or sponsorship but which result in daily compounding of income or revenue.

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Arnold Donato
Name: Arnold Donato
Location: Chicago,Illinois,United States
Job Title: Online Networking Coach
Company: Providential Networks & Connections Inc.

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Arnold Donato
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