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About April Bonfardice

April Bonfardice is currently living in Frankfort, New York, working as a Beachbody Coach in "April Bonfardice Beachbody Coach" and is interested in Products.
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Beachbody Coach


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Frankfort, New York

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Helping people become healthy and aware of their health. I enjoy finding exercise programs that they love to do.

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April Bonfardice has joined on Nov 22, 2012

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I have struggled with the ups and downs of weight loss and weight gain for years. I have 3 children, my youngest born in January 2012. I understand being busy, exhausted, and stressed to the max! I go to college part time, I own a small business and my children are in many activities that require a lot of travel.

I have lost over 50 pounds since January 2012. I don't count calories. I eat what I want in moderation.

As a Beachbody Coach, I can help you find an exercise program that will fit into your busy lifestyle. From 10 minutes to 60, we will find what works for you.

Still too much? Let's start with breakfast. It's called Shakeology. Add the mix, your favorite milk, ice, give it a shake and you're off to work, school , or chasing the kids. You'll be full to lunch. Save time, save money.

Let's start the journey together today to find a new, more energized, happy you!

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Facebook: Beachbody CNY

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April Bonfardice
Name: April Bonfardice
Location: Frankfort,New York,United States
Job Title: Beachbody Coach
Company: April Bonfardice Beachbody Coach

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April Bonfardice
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