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Bridget Anderson
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About Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson is currently living in Odessa, Texas, working as an Owner in "Pay It Forward Alliance/Gas Card Program/Free Rx Card" and is interested in Marketing.
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Company Website ; www.911


Odessa, Texas

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To help people to become financially secure and making my community and world a better place one person at a time! And, I will show you how to do the same with this very simple program anyone can do!

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Bridget Anderson has joined on Nov 22, 2012

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We sell a set of Internet Business Tools designed to launch or enhance the Internet Entrepreneur's Online Experience. The software for the more experienced business person, but also fundamental tools for the beginner in the Internet business world. Products include access to website templates, pharmacy discount savings, educational tools for personal consumption to include them in your product line. Once you purchase all the products with A ONE-TIME $45 Plan , you have the opprotunity to launch your own business. The job description is simple - help create a successful sales team. Everytime you get 6 people: We pay you $45! In the process You can reduce or eliminate your bills! I invite you to examine our business @

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Bridget Anderson
Name: Bridget Anderson
Location: Odessa,Texas,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Pay It Forward Alliance/Gas Card Program/Free Rx Card

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Bridget Anderson
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