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Gary Price is currently living in Ogden, Utah, working as an Author in "Paranormal research Group of Utah" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Ogden, Utah

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Work from Home

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Paranormal Research, Writing

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Gary Price has joined on Nov 21, 2012

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Author Gary Price Opens the Doors to Spiritual Awakening
New book sheds light to all those who find themselves living in the shadows

North Ogden, Utah – (Available Now) – Compelling and insightful, Amid the Shadows takes readers to a spiritual journey of enlightenment. Created by author Gary Price, this book reveals riveting truths about finding one’s real purpose in life, as well as the quintessential knowledge that the quality of a person’s state of being rests within his hands.

An inspirational literary work, this book unleashes a soulful journey in which readers can explore a supernatural power – one that paves way for growth and healing. Wisdom-filled, Amid the Shadows teaches readers ways in learning how to adjust their mind-set in order to achieve a better goal. A literary masterpiece that unlocks the doors to a more profound understanding of the self, along with the experiences that mold one’s destiny, this book leads readers out of darkness.

A perfect tool for all those who find themselves lost within the bitter realities of life, trapped within the confines of their present environment, and disenchanted by their grim circumstances, Amid the Shadows strengthens its readers’ core. Engaging and filled with perspective, this book is a literary beacon of light that features the unwavering tenacity of the human spirit, amidst the tumultuous tides that life has to offer.

Come along on this journey as we together, walk amid the shadows!

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Gary Price
Name: Gary Price
Location: Ogden,Utah,United States
Job Title: Author
Company: Paranormal research Group of Utah

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Gary Price
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