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About Charlotte Polski

Charlotte Polski is currently living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, working as a Save Time & Money in "Think Green" and is interested in Financial Services.
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Save Time & Money


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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Financial Services

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If I could show you better, less expensive, safer products that you could have delivered to your front door with a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, would you ever go back to paying full retail for toxics products ever again? Does it make common sense to save money with the economy being as bad as it is now-a-day’s?

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Charlotte Polski has joined on Nov 20, 2012

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You probably have heard of P & G products or have them in your home HOWEVER did you know that Proctor & Gamble sales are $80 billion a year? That is only one company - Johnson & Johnson sales are $61 billion a year & there are many more companies/corporations that are in the billions in sales every year.

During our working years, we, as consumers, pay out most of our earned dollars to these corporations/stores and companies for our daily consumable products - food, personal care, cleaners, etc.
Generally, these stores/corporations spend up to 70% of the dollar in distribution & advertising, convincing us that we have a need and a want for their products. They add this expense to the price of the product & we end up paying for the very advertising that convinced us to buy the product. We call this 70% "squandered money".

If we could "recapture the squandered money" & funnel these funds back to the very customer that buys the products, we could create an alternate shopping system & a new way to earn income.

The customer/consumer, after all, is very instrumental in the success of any company (e.g. Walmart, P & G). By forming a company & allowing loyal satisfied customers to revenue share through word of mouth advertising, we could create a solid customer base & thereby create a reliable income.

By providing the same products that customers are currently buying from stores, the buying decision is eliminated & no new products or services are added to the budget. And no new money is required. Since we are already someone's customer - it's not a buying decision - that decision has already been made - it simply becomes a shopping decision. Just change where & how we shop. Simply put: switch stores, save & earn money.

THERE IS a manufacturing company that provides products of: exceptional quality, reasonably priced, great value, environmentally friendly, conveniently delivered, total satisfaction guaranteed; with a revenue sharing concept.

I believe this will appeal to all smart thinking families. It makes sense, doesn't it?

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Charlotte Polski
Name: Charlotte Polski
Location: Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Canada
Job Title: Save Time & Money
Company: Think Green

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Charlotte Polski
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