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Jermaine Nicholson
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About Jermaine Nicholson

Jermaine Nicholson is currently living in Catonsville, Maryland, and is interested in Work from Home.
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Catonsville, Maryland

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Work from Home

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I love playing video games and playing baseball as well. I just started online marketing this summer of 2012 and I plan on learning more techniques on getting more exposure for my businesses.

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Jermaine Nicholson has joined on Nov 20, 2012

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I'm a 19 year old student athlete in my sophomore year in college. as you can see in my profile picture, i love to play baseball. I actually play in college as well. I just started online marketing this past summer (2012) just to make enough funds to pay for my books. But unfortunately i kind of fell in love with it and been doing it ever since, and making more money than a teenage would've never thought was possible. Hope to connect with many like-minded people

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Jermaine Nicholson
Name: Jermaine Nicholson
Location: Catonsville,Maryland,United States

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Jermaine Nicholson
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