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Theresa Tipton is currently living in Memphis, Tennessee, working as an Activity Coordinator in "Top 5 V.I.P." and is interested in Work from Home.
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Activity Coordinator


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Memphis, Tennessee

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Work from Home

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Top 5 V.I.P. the Gifting Community that Gives. Top 5 V.I.P. offers a gifting platform that changes the game the way its been played in the past. The Old Gifting Activity wants you to invite at least 2 people and wait on those 2 people to invite 2 in order for you to cycle and be the receiver of gifts. With Top 5 V.I.P. we eliminated the wait process. All you have to do is invite your Top 5 V.I.P.'s (Very Important People) These should be people you know and trust and they will each give you your gifts to start you on your way to helping others. Reference the website for details and gifting levels.

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Theresa Tipton has joined on Nov 19, 2012

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As founder of our newest Gifting Community..Introducing Top 5 V.I.P
I have always been interested in helping those in need. Through our struggling economy we cant wait on things to happen we have to be strong enough to make them happen. J.O.B.'s (Just Over Broke) are not promised. Companies worldwide downsizing, laying off, offering early retirement etc. Most Can't afford College. We have to join together and help each other. Gifting is Still Alive and doing Well. As long as we abide by the IRS rules and guidelines and have a HUGE desire to change our current Financial Situation..Gifting is the key.

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Theresa Tipton
Name: Theresa Tipton
Location: Memphis,Tennessee,United States
Job Title: Activity Coordinator
Company: Top 5 V.I.P.

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Theresa Tipton
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