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Tamara Bates
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About Tamara Bates

Tamara Bates is currently living in Greensboro, North Carolina, working as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach in "Team Beachbody" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Independent Team Beachbody Coach


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Greensboro, North Carolina

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Health & Beauty

My Interests

Fitness and health is my passion. I am an Insanity junkie. I love sharing the products we offer to everyone, cause they truly do work! But I also enjoying bodybuilding, amuzement parks, rollerskating anything fun. Love being with like minded people.

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Tamara Bates has joined on Nov 17, 2012

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Team Beachbody is now International, (Spanish/English) We are also in Canada. Come and join me in becoming Fit and make money while getting that body back. The two fold mission of our company is to work with our customers and coaches to assist them in achieving their health/physical and financial fitness goals. We strive to empower people to not only live a longer life, but to live a quality life longer, and more prosperous than ever imagined.

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Tamara Bates
Name: Tamara Bates
Location: Greensboro,North Carolina,United States
Job Title: Independent Team Beachbody Coach
Company: Team Beachbody

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