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About Coulette Dobbins

Coulette Dobbins is currently living in Killeen, Texas, working as an Entrepeneur in "MCA Affiliate" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Automotive, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Products, Resources, Services, Work from Home.
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Killeen, Texas

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Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Automotive, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Products, Resources, Services, Work from Home

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Interested in learning how to do this internet marketing thing...LOL I am so blue or is it green (lol) when it comes to stuff like this, but hey if your willing to help me learn, I will be your best student. I love to encourage others, and have been told I would make a great life coach. So basically everything to me is a learning experience. I just love to learn I could never get enough of it!

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Coulette Dobbins has joined on Nov 17, 2012

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A single mom, who got tired of being turned down in the workforce for beinger qualified and over educated. After living from paycheck to paycheck and financially ruined, I decided to take hold of my life, and do something about it. But wasn't sure quite what to do.

I am a independent tutor, a business owner, and most importantly a mother, who got tired of the lame excuses for not having enough.

Some one told me about Motor Club of America, and the benefits it offered, I knew I had to join. How could I go wrong? I get the added assurance that if I were to get into an accident today, my family would not have to go further in debt to cover the lack of income if I was placed in the hospital. Plus a number of other things. Then with the same money I joined with gave me the opportunity to turn into a 200% commission for every membership. How could I turn this down?

I am no dummy, and I don't believe any of us are, however, I do believe we live in fear. I got tired of fear controlling my life, so I decided to change it, and decided to step out on that limb and change my financial fortune for good.

You can too. Don't let your fear hold you back from giving you the freedom to make the kind of money that will set you free.

There is nothing to this. Everything has already been done for you. If you know how to read, and follow directions, then what are you waiting for? Yes that is right...copy paste post.

Its not a ponzi scheme, MCA is rated A+ with the BBB. It's been in business since 1926, but just recently launched its affiliate program. Yes we are one of the first, for as little as $19.95 you can join, but why not get the best of the best with it's new Matrix program, that offers life time residuals, so sign up for the Platinum and you really will be glad you did.

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Coulette Dobbins
Name: Coulette Dobbins
Location: Killeen,Texas,United States
Job Title: Entrepeneur
Company: MCA Affiliate

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Coulette Dobbins
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