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About Jeffrey Darling

Jeffrey Darling is currently living in South Portland, Maine, working as a Repair Technician in "Residential Computer Services" and is interested in Computer Hardware.
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Repair Technician


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South Portland, Maine

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Computer Hardware

My Interests

Expanding my business into other field and developing technologies.

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Jeffrey Darling has joined on Nov 17, 2012

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I have had 16 years in the business of home and commercial computer repair. I am proficient with all forms of windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and able to make relatively quick assessments of the problem the computer is having. I also do data recovery, cloning and backups. I am very fluid with removing persistent, and long standing issues with both desktops and laptop computers. I do spyware removal, Trojan, current viruses, root viruses and most any other type of malware that does not belong on your computer. At the same time I maintain the presence and integrity of your personal data as well. Nothing ever gets lost unless you specify that it would be more advantageous to wipe the drive and start from scratch, of course we would try to back-up all your personal data onto DVD-RW first if possible. Give me a call anytime and if I do not answer please leave a voicemail describing the nature and what’s occurring with your situation and together we will come to a decision about what the best route to take will be. My E-mail is, and my phone number is (207) 420-7854. Give me a call and we will work together to get you running at full speed again.

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Jeffrey Darling
Name: Jeffrey Darling
Location: South Portland,Maine,United States
Job Title: Repair Technician
Company: Residential Computer Services

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Jeffrey Darling
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