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About Todd Dempsey

Todd Dempsey is currently living in New Jersey, working as a Recovery Coach in "Advent Recovery" and is interested in Services.
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Recovery Coach


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New Jersey

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Advent Recovery Coaching is an Addiction Recovery Coaching service. Recovery Coaching focuses not on an addict's weaknesses, but rather on his or her strengths. By focusing on those abilities and strengths, a Recovery Coach helps people to identify and remove obstacles blocking their path to recovery and assists them in getting their lives back on track. Rather than dictating what a client must do, a Recovery Coach helps the client identify his or her own strengths, interests and goals. The Recovery Coach then works with the client to create a personalized step-by-step plan to achieve their goals.This approach empowers their clients to take control of their life and their recovery.Chief coach and CEO, Todd Dempsey, often states " We are as much a discovery coaching service as we are a recovery coaching service." We assist our clients in reaching their full potential.

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Todd Dempsey
Name: Todd Dempsey
Location: New Jersey,United States
Job Title: Recovery Coach
Company: Advent Recovery

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Todd Dempsey
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