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About Gus Jimenez

Gus Jimenez is currently living in Texas, working as an Online Marketing in "Zip Nada Zilch" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Online Marketing


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Work from Home

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spending time with the kids,making money then fishing,music,change

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gus jimenez has joined on Nov 14, 2012

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There's always more to say but quick and short online marketing ...
Can you believe Im getting paid online to post this ad and many more and doing it all from home?
I was sick of seeing people get paid just from posting ads cause it was so easy and here I am getting paid for posting I can explain it its really easy .

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gus jimenez
Name: Gus Jimenez
Location: Texas,United States
Job Title: Online Marketing
Company: Zip Nada Zilch

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gus jimenez
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