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Maria Glover
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About Maria Glover

Maria Glover is currently living in Bexley, Ohio, working as an Independent Associate in "Motor Club of America" and is interested in Automotive, Home Based Biz, Services.
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Independent Associate


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Bexley, Ohio

Categories of Interest

Automotive, Home Based Biz, Services

My Interests

My interest are Networking, team building, and outreach. Outside Interest: Playing Tennis.

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Maria Glover has joined on Nov 11, 2012

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Independent Sales 25 Years
Nationwide Insurance Commercial
Prepaid Legal Services
Owens Corning, BFS / SunSuites
Avon Independent Sales at

Motor Club of America - Roadside Assistance Membership - Currently Hiring Sales Reps.
-Work from home, Set your own daily sched., and quota. Paid Weekly.
-We sell Memberships, including 100 miles of Unlimited Towing, Legal Services, Truck
Drivers plan, Prescription Drug Plan, $5000.00 Cash Stolen Veh. Reward, Travel
Discounts, Emergency Cash, guaranteed Arrest Bond Certificate, and so much more for as little as $19.95 per month. Also the membership pays for itself because we pay members $80.00 for every single person they help MCA enroll. We pay $80.00 subtract your $20.00 monthly dues, and you keep the rest.

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Maria Glover
Name: Maria Glover
Location: Bexley,Ohio,United States
Job Title: Independent Associate
Company: Motor Club of America

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Maria Glover
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