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Brad Haggerty is currently living in Houston, Texas, working as a CEO in "New Life Investments of Texas" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Houston, Texas

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Connecting With Like-minded people, Relationships, Building Wealth and Community, Friends, Sharing, Caring, Support, Help, Cash, Legal Money, Making Money, Making Extra Money • Making Money at Home, Work From Home • Make Money Online, Money Making Opportunities, Supplement Your Income, Networking

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Hello and welcome!
My name is Brad Haggerty: I'm a Wealth Creator/Coach. I have been in the home business industry for over 8 years now, and I spend my time sharing what I've learned over the years, so I can save people MONEY and TIME. You can always get more money but you can NEVER get TIME back. So, I want to help people make the most of it by using effective strategies and methods that get results. I also mentor in the areas of Internet Marketing, Lead Generation and Social Networking. I believe that building multiple streams of income is the career of the 21st century!
Traditionally, it was possible to achieve a comfortable retirement with a good career and some retirement investments to supplement your pension and social security. In this era, it’s no longer practical for us to depend solely on our job and 401K as those before us. I strongly believe that it is more logical to focus on creating multiple sources of income — call it the career of choice for the new millennium if you wish.
I'm a positive & upbeat person and love meeting people of the same mindset because the right attitude and mentality determine the difference between failure and success!! It's really true that your attitude determines your ALTITUDE!!
Let me know if I can be of service to YOU!! It will be my pleasure to serve in any way I can because YOU matter!
Brad Haggerty

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Brad Haggerty
Name: Brad Haggerty
Location: Houston,Texas,United States
Job Title: CEO
Company: New Life Investments of Texas

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Brad Haggerty
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