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Desktop Hustlas is currently living in Cleveland, Ohio, working as a Travel Agency in "DeskTop Hustlas" and is interested in HospitalityTravel.
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Travel Agency


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Cleveland, Ohio

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DeskTop Hustlas is the kind of business that sales Group Vacation Business Packages to corporations and small businesses. DeskTop Hustlas is a sole proprietorship and is an e-commerce web base travel agency. DeskTop Hustlas is an authorized distributor for group vacation business packages. DeskTop Hustlas offers Exclusive condominium group vacation business package,WorldWide at a substantially discounted rate. The most compelling part of our product is that any type of business is capable of using these packages. Ranges wide from Retailers and Dealers, Direct sales, Marketing Companies, Multi Level Marketers, Distributors, Mail Order Companies and Manufacturers. The Group Travel Business Package has the potenial to Increase Floor Traffic and sales. Group Vacation Packages makes their business virtually recession proof by offering promotional vacation packages. These Group Travel Business provide the extra edge to get customers into thier stores and motivates them to buy. Our Group Travel Business Packages reports of sale increases over %50. Orbit and Expedia, Travelocity are DeskTop Hustlas competitors. DeskTop Hustlas will market it's product with college students

Motivation for the Employees, Clients and Customers..

Motivate your employees with the value, romance, and adventure of a fabulous getaway, at a price that will not break your budget. These affordable, user-friendly deals make great incentives promotions for your small business
or corporation.

Improved Team Morale

Group Vacation Business Certificates are available for companies to reward their Clients, Customers, Employees even College Students and improve team morale. For $950.00 you receive a book of 50 certificates, with each of them vaild for a 8-Day and 7-Night Condominium Dream Vacation to Northeast: New York, Catskill, Cautauqua, Southeast: Florida, Daytona Beach Shores; Gulf States: Alabama, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach; Mid-South: Kentucky, Park City Taylorsville; Midwest & The Plains: Wisconsin, Eagle River, Egg Harbor; Rocky Mountains: Utah, Park City, Salt Lake City; Pacific Coast: Nevada, Las Vegas, Mesquite; Hawaii: Hawaii, Kailua-Kona, Pahala; Canada: British Columbia, Radium Hot Springs; Mexico: Mexico, Boca del Rio, Cancun; Asia Pacific: Philippines; Caribbean: Puerto Rico; Europe: France, and many other exciting destinations.

Unmatched Experience and Customer Service

With 12 years' experience in the complimentary vacation market and state-of-the-art tools to make your company's travel planning easy and effective,
DeskTop Hustlas supplies all the support necessary, WorldWide, to make your "vacaton on us"promotion a total success, from start to finish. Whether it is a business or leisure travel, our friendly staff will find the right travel business package for your company

Convenience and Flexability

Our Dream Vacation Business Package assist you in developing an approach based on your objective, training your employees, and handling reservations. Additionally, we provide follow-up and support throughout the entire campaign. These packages deliver the flexability of nearly 1000 destination choices, with 7-days-a-week check-in for most areas, and no limitations on travel distance.

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DeskTop Hustlas
Name: DeskTop Hustlas
Location: Cleveland,Ohio,United States
Job Title: Travel Agency
Company: DeskTop Hustlas

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