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Purita Burris is currently living in Arizona, working as a Home Based Business Recruiting Agent in "US Home Workforce" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Home Based Business Recruiting Agent


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Work from Home

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I love learning about online and tricks.

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Purita Burris has joined on Nov 08, 2012

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I love working from home and I love showing others how to do it as well!

After being laid off a little over two years ago and being a single parent, if I was lucky enough to get a job interview, I was hopeful. Unfortunately, I never received an offer.

I remember years ago I was searching for something to do from home. I found everything from affiliate marketing to data entry to stuffing envelopes and all the rest that comes with either paying or upgrading.

Since I didn't have any money, I needed to find something that didn't cost anything! Well, there was no such thing! You either had to upgrade in affiliate marketing to make any money, or you had to pay to do data entry!

I am happy to say that such a thing does exist...finally! I love what I do...I love sharing it with others and I love my team!

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Purita Burris
Name: Purita Burris
Location: Arizona,United States
Job Title: Home Based Business Recruiting Agent
Company: US Home Workforce

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Purita Burris
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