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Lisa Lewis is currently living in Barrie, Ontario, working as an Ambassador in "Ocean Avenue" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Barrie, Ontario

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Hello, I'm Lisa Lewis. I am a mother of 2 boys and married to a wonderful supportive husband and I am now a stay-at-home/ work-from-home mom.
I haven't always been in this position though!
Before my second marriage in 2011, I was a single parent for 7 yrs and believe you and me, I struggled! In 2006, I had to claim bankruptcy; from which I had no choice but to give up my car and my registered business, not to mention my pride. At the time, I was working for a spa as their head Esthetician and after 2 years with them; decided to expand in the field and do an apprenticeship for Hairstyling.
Working by day, school by night (once a week) and working on weekends.; schooling took 2 years to complete; I graduated with distinction in 2008. As glamorous and perhaps glitzy as this career may sound; unless you're hired by the stars or you're running your own Salon, it's just not all that. I had to swallow my pride yet again and get social assistance. In 2008, I met Micheal. To make a long story short; we married in 2011, welcomed Liam into this world this past June 2012, and purchased a new home in August. Wow eh? Two beautiful boys, a loving husband and house to come home to. (*sigh*)
Honestly, I wanted more. I wasn't making enough money. I wasn't spending good quality time with my family. I was tired of telling our oldest "not this time" or "we can't afford it right now" and maternity leave was limited. I began thinking of returning to work......but I was tired of working 6 - 7 days a week making minimum wage and really crappy tips. Then we would have to worry about daycare.....I would be working basically to pay the daycare! How ridiculous is that???
I wanted a change; I NEEDED a change. I began researching work-from-home opportunities. Then, through one of my many online applications, I met Steve Callaghan. Steve introduced me to the Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity. A brand new company that pre-launched October 2012 in Canada and the United States of America. I couldn't believe the opportunity that I had in front of me. There, like a pot of gold!
-A company that puts family first!
-A business compensation plan that outlined ten (10) ways to earn $$ weekly, monthly and quarterly and earn them for life
-A Travel Club

The bonus for me was the remarkable WAV product line. Products designed to work synergistically to improve ones overall health. Not only was I able to get my hands on this, I would get my own website and online store! I could spread the word and send people shopping and start others on a healthier way of life!......The wheels began to turn in my head. healthier, have more energy, work from home, spend more time with my family, travel and earn a higher pay........not to mention that this was a basement opprtunity....
Ok, I admit sounded too good to be true. But then it happened. I literally watched Steve and his wife Erika go from Ambassador to Ruby Ambassador OVERNIGHT! = pennies to Dollars!
As of the middle of this month, November 2012, Steve and Erika have helped dozens of people change the quality of their lives through Ocean Avenue and have now become proud Emerald Ambassadors. They received their first of many; a 5 figure commission check. Their success was the icing on the cake! I had proof that the Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity works!
Today, I am a proud Ambassador at Ocean Avenue. My goal is to follow in Steve and Erikas' footsteps and help as many people as I can, change their quality of life through the Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity. Let me guide you to your financial freedom!

- Lisa Lewis

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Lisa Lewis
Name: Lisa Lewis
Location: Barrie,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Ambassador
Company: Ocean Avenue

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Lisa Lewis
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