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Brian Halwas is currently living in British Columbia, working as a Manager in "Natures best superfoods" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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British Columbia

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In a nut shell we believe it is important to focus on some main points. There is a lot to health and if you have a health problem that needs addressing that's different but in our busy lives a daily thought to the basics is helpful and we believe they are .....

Hormones - estrogen down, testosterone n progesterone up and pituitary help for HGH. We can't say the word ------ but to reverse natures attempt at killing you off after 40 try keeping your hormones at youthful levels ( feel great too!)

Trace minerals - even if you eat all organic, remember that worms and rodents have a double life span on high nutrient (especially trace mineral) diet and some of the longest living groups in the world just happen to be loaded with trace minerals as well.

Alkalize your body- we are way too acid generally and that's like your body and organs operating slightly out of tune. In tune means high functioning where problems can't develope.

Detox and purified blood- (see above) peak functioning and health into old age gets very difficult with toxic interference in bodily functions.

Enzymes- if you eat enough raw foods and super foods you may not need a supplement.

All our super foods address at least some of these base issues. When you are young you can get by on little but as we age if we want good health and longevity it takes some effort. Remember however youngsters what you do the first 40 years shows up the last 40! (Hopefully with 20 or 30 in between :)). Also children raised with nutrient dense diets grow to there optimum. (i love watching my 2 year old munch on goji berries :)). the quest for good health into our eighties nineties and beyond is an evolving practice. A hobby I'd say, as it should be because you only live once :)

** Please note we are not doctors and this message and the entire website is our thoughts only and only you and your doctor know whats best for you.**

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Location: British Columbia,Canada
Job Title: manager
Company: Natures best superfoods

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