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About Alex Mircic

Alex Mircic is currently living in Dorval, Quebec, working as a Home Energy Auditor in "EfficienCity Services" and is interested in Construction, Consulting, Facility Management.
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Home Energy Auditor


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Dorval, Quebec

Categories of Interest

Construction, Consulting, Facility Management

My Interests

Sustainability in local and global markets. Science in general. Geek at hart!

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Alex Mircic has joined on Nov 05, 2012

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I was fortunate enough to have had experience in industrial field in saving energy costs. What I have learnt, I am integrating that knowledge into residential and commercial properties. By using door blower fan and thermal camera, and some simple math ;p (and of course General Contractor licence) I can help pinpoint the energy loss most likely to affect clients wallet which can be used by the client to patch the "holes" themselves or hire myself and my team to do the work on their behalf.

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Alex Mircic
Name: Alex Mircic
Location: Dorval,Quebec,Canada
Job Title: Home Energy Auditor
Company: EfficienCity Services

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Alex Mircic
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