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Olga Lapina is currently living in Ontario, working as a Marketing consultant in "SSSmarketing" and is interested in Marketing.
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Marketing consultant




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Freelance marketing consultant with 18 years of experience in all arias of off-line and on-line marketing will HELP YOUR SMALL BUSINESS to identify smart, low cost, high impact creative marketing strategies to ACHIEVE SUCCESS, STABILITY and GROWTH. I help business owners like you to read the minds of their customers and persuade them to buy from you. I offer a short time projects to guide you step by step to attain new customers, retain existing ones, grow your sales and bring your business to a next level .

What you get: business situation analysis, strategic marketing planning, brand development, business growth strategies, market positioning strategies, social media management, search engine optimization strategies and execution of all marketing programs.

Benefits you get on top: hire a complete marketing department in one solution provider, no need for hiring cost, salaries&benefits compare to internal staff, a new point of a professional view outside the box, cost&time efficiency, peace of mind, new customers, new avenues of income, increased sales and profit. YOU WILL GET A NEW LIFE FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND FOR YOURSELF!

Every project is individual and specificity design to meet your business needs and it is usually takes from one to thee months only all together.

If you are open to good changes in your life and want to discuss it contact me at 647-887-0408 .

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Olga Lapina
Name: Olga Lapina
Location: Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Marketing consultant
Company: SSSmarketing

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Olga Lapina
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