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Sherif Mohamed El-Refai
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Sherif Mohamed El-refai is currently living in Jersey City, New Jersey, working as a Pharmacist in "Noble Pharmacy" and is interested in Medical/Dental.
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Jersey City, New Jersey

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Guitar, Basketball, Soccer, Music, Pharmacy, Islam

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Sherif Mohamed El-Refai has joined on Nov 05, 2012

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A native New Yorker with Egyptian roots, pharmacist Sherif Mohamed El-Refai maintains an interest in the health and well-being of people living in Egypt. After his birth, El-Refai's parents moved back to Egypt, and when he was in the first grade, the family returned to the United States. Since then, El-Refai has continued to visit the North African nation every summer, and he has developed a deep love for the land and its people.

As he has matured, Sherif Mohamed El-Refai has maintained cultural connections to Egypt. He speaks Arabic fluently and enjoys Egyptian food and music. He supports the mission of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. During the Arab Spring, he attended protests on the University of North Carolina campus calling for the replacement of Egypt’s dictator with a democratically elected government. This diverse background helps El-Refai to effectively interact with a wide variety of customers in a pharmacy setting.

Currently, Sherif Mohamed El-Refai serves as a pharmacist in Jersey City, New Jersey. He would ultimately like to find a position related to oncology and chemotherapy. In addition to his interest in cancer studies, he has worked in pharmacogenetics, the field of research that studies how to individualize pharmaceuticals based on a patient's genetic makeup. El-Refai also spent an internship working in marketing and sales with a technology firm. These varied experiences, combined with a global outlook, make him a strong candidate for positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sherif Mohamed El-Refai earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He is a member of the American Pharmacists Association.

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Sherif Mohamed El-Refai
Name: Sherif Mohamed El-Refai
Location: Jersey City,New Jersey,United States
Job Title: Pharmacist
Company: Noble Pharmacy

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Sherif Mohamed El-Refai
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