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About Peter Lungu

Peter Lungu is currently living in Hollywood, Florida, working as a Personal Success Coach in "Real Success Club" and is interested in Services.
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Personal Success Coach


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Hollywood, Florida

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Reading personal transformation books, public speaking and lifestyle coaching.

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Peter Lungu has joined on Nov 05, 2012

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I'm married to a gorgeous wife and together we have 2 brilliant kids.

I'm a mechanical engineer, a personal integration and transformation coach - (life coach), an author of The Success Quadrant Formula, a public speaker and the creator of The Real Success Club.

My passion is my purpose - which is to help others live up to their highest potential in life. I teach the truth about life and strategies that enable individuals to rapidly, easily and naturally achieve real success in all areas of life, with less stress and a lot of fun.

I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can. I have knowledge, wisdom and discernment, qualities essential to help others live a successful, happy and fulfilling life!

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Peter Lungu
Name: Peter Lungu
Location: Hollywood,Florida,United States
Job Title: Personal Success Coach
Company: Real Success Club

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Peter Lungu
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