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Eva, Olivia, Francesca, Mary, Areil
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Eva, Olivia, Francesca, Mary, Areil is currently living in Denver, Colorado, works in "Pictures Puppies Inc." and is interested in Specialty Retail.


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Denver, Colorado

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Specialty Retail

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We draw pictures of pets that have passed away and are still here. To order a picture contact us. Call us at - 720-469-5309, Email us at- Follow us on Facebook and YouTube! Our prices for pictures and pet cloths are down below. Also is our discount. We also have a 45% off certificate. You can only get it if you are one of the six people to contact us and order a $2 order. You have to contact us on MailChimp or On our email account. For us to know that you were the ones that got the certificate when you contact us please put your name in the email and we will
See if your the one of certificate winners. Thank you. For more information please call 720-469-5309. Look down below for our discount and prices for the items we sell!!!!!!

Black and white picture-$1
Colored picture-$1.50
Designs for picture-50 cents
Pet cloths-$10
Pet costumes-$10

If you buy 2 pictures. On your 3rd picture you get 50% off!!!!!

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Eva, Olivia, Francesca, Mary, Areil
Name: Eva, Olivia, Francesca, Mary, Areil
Location: Denver,Colorado,United States
Company: Pictures Puppies Inc.

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Eva, Olivia, Francesca, Mary, Areil
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