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Gerard R. Brost is currently living in Orlando, Florida, working as an Author, Tutor in "E-Z Way Educational Products and Services" and is interested in Education.
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Author, Tutor


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Orlando, Florida

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Research in Teaching Reading, Reading Textbooks, Tutoring, Home Schooling

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Gerard R. Brost has joined on Nov 04, 2012

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I am an Author of children's educational textbooks, a private Tutor, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Addictions Professional. I have been providing educational, behavioral, mental health, and addictions services to the public since 1970.

I earned my Master's degree in Psychology from Western Michigan University in 1976 and pursued advanced graduate studies at the University of Florida from 1978 until 1986. I have the equivalent training of nearly two PhDs, with graduate majors in Behavior Analysis, Social Psychology, and Foundations of Education, and additional training in phonetic analysis. Presently, my professional services are funded by private students, contracts with the State of Florida, and contracts with private health insurance companies.

I have been developing the theory and applications of a new method of teaching reading called "context fonnix" since 1985. By combining precision instructional technology with advanced methods of phonetic analysis, I have developed a remarkably effective, quick and easy new way for teaching reading called the "E-Z Way" program of reading instruction. With this program students start reading in a few minutes, even students who have repeatedly failed to read in school. Most of my students read at a 5th grade level after 30 sessions. I am now offering these amazing discoveries to the public thru my tutoring services in Orlando and thru the Fun with Fonnix educational series of reading textbooks.

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Gerard R. Brost
Name: Gerard R. Brost
Location: Orlando,Florida,United States
Job Title: Author, Tutor
Company: E-Z Way Educational Products and Services

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Gerard R. Brost
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