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About Power Train

Power Train is currently living in Metairie, Louisiana, working as a Powertrain 24, LLC Equipment Rentals and is interested in Services.
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Powertrain 24, LLC Equipment Rentals

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Metairie, Louisiana

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Powertrain 24 - Environmental Clean Up & Equipment Supply

Equipment Rental for:
Power Generation (electrician included with rental)
Water Damage Restoration/ Structural Dry-Down (industrial fans, dehumidifiers)
Mold Remediation/ Asbestos Abatement (HEPA vacuums, negative air pressure machine)
Box Truck Rental
Soda Blasting Equipment (technician included with rental)

Available 24/7.
Serving Metairie, New Orleans, & the surrounding communities.

Visit our website at
Email us at
Call us at 504-982-9577

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Power Train
Name: Power Train
Location: Metairie,Louisiana,United States
Job Title: Powertrain 24, LLC Equipment Rentals

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Power Train
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